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This workshop starts through an introduction of steel, alloys, products selection, design, and also layout. Starting with a bar of high carbon steel you will then learn the basics of appropriate ergonomics and stance, efficiency at the anvil, forging, warmth treating, handle preparation, grinding, last assembly, and will certainly have an opportunity to sharpen your blade. This workshop is suitable for anyone from the beginner, to someone who has some forging skills, and wants to learn to craft a basic, yet long lasting "brut de forge" style blade. To help keep everyone safe and also healthy and balanced during this time, course size is limited to 4.


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In this 2 day workshop, you will make a 6"-6-1/2” chef"s knife making use of either stock removal, or forging methods. (please check description for specific dates) Starting via a bar of high carbon steel, you will certainly learn around architecture & layout,differential warm treating, grinding, Handle selection, profiling, edge geometry, and even more. Each participant will walk amethod with a knife that will be prepared to go to occupational for you. Class size is limited to four participants.


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In this workshop, we will certainly make a 6”-7” Damascus Chef"s Knife using a variety of methods. Starting with a billet made from 1080 & 15N20, you will learn around processes provided in initially producing a build welded billet, and also then utilizing that steel to make a Damascus, or pattern-welded blade. Deauthorize & layout, heat dealing with, grinding, Handle selection, profiling, edge geomeattempt, and also more will be covered in this extensive three-day workshop. Each participant will certainly walk amethod with a Damascus knife that will certainly be all set to go to job-related for you!