You need a teacher i can show you the ways of the force

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I believe also if these last 2 scenes were not connected like Rey talking to Kylo but the sentiment is there. Kylo available to teach her The Force Awakens and also she rejected him.

Literally these sort of sad eyes Kylo might offer only to 2 civilization Leia and also Rey. It looks favor Force Tree on Ach-To in the backround more than likely burning, equivalent swarm to teaser trailer with Kylo in position to fight someone, most likely Rey.

Will she refuse him aget or not? This is the question.

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In spite of rey's swarm being from probably a various scene, the sentiment is there, he's going to give her an sell aget, or at least market his help, perhaps this time she will be prepared to join him since he's seemed to have determined mid-fight is not the finest time for those kind of discussions

Yeah I believe the last scene we watch of her in the trailer is her speaking to either Luke or someone else in a brightly lit cave or hut in ach-to...she's wondering who will certainly be the one to truly guide her, the second and third last scene is Kylo Ren offering his hand to Rey in a truce directly after a battle either on ach-to versus each various other or even later on in the movie on crait as a result of flames in the background.

I have actually probably butchered the spelling of ach-to yet who cares lol.

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Rey's dialogue makes even more sense being sassist to Luke than to Kylo. Luke is the one she wants to learn from and also Luke is the one that requirements convincing.

Anvarious other Foreshadowing in TFA by JJ Abrams ?


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