You can look all over but you ll never find

(hello, what it be, to you and also yours)Salutations to all you deserve to contact me CudiOr Mr. Extravagant reason I"m getting my money.Way my doors are swayin" its prefer a bird on wheelsYou can involved Ohio, and also you deserve to watch exactly how it feelsAnd this the premier, of that brand-new brand-new hereIt"s gonna take you beyondWright here a jet can leerBut all you gon" hear is somepoint crazy in factHow I be burning the boothWe"ll acquire you looser than Yak.

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Yep yep... you acquired it...appropriate.Now do not obtain left gain on your good foot its just right.that you step and store boppin" til this shit unfamiliarIf you main line acquired time then I be drillen" her.I keep you in my realm i keep you in the soundI save myself up high bereason the haze by the pound. (whaa?)And my imagination you can look anywhere the nationBut they ain"t see(Hook)You have the right to look all over but you"ll (you"ll) never before find(Hot shit) prefer mineWOOP, it blow your mind.You deserve to look everywhere yet you"ll never find(Hot shit) favor mineCausage I provideThat brand-new new
Salutations my niggasI"m conscious that I"m differentYou deserve to still keep it hoodWhile you"re smoking just listenIt do not issue your raceJust take a blunt to the faceAnd we all gon" rockGotta save up the paceAnd the girls gon" twerkCausage the vibe is poppin"As well as the bottleKeep it rockin" don"t soptimal emAt the motel-8We have the right to park out frontYeah the flow is unleadedYou sucka niggas will front

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Yeah reason Im super-cut-lery-alistic-leaner-ala-docisAnd rap ferocious I been coaching the leagueI bobble head the public if you love it M dub itBlood sweat and also tears homie I"m made of itFinish the class if you think nothing bout itTell em that grandpa you don"t recognize nothing bout itWear kicks as soon as then the leaner come up out emI been saying it, you was playing emNow you understand.(Hook)What it be to my ladiesWith the bodies that killWe were boppin" on moneyFuck with me reason you"re realSee you shakin" it fastOn some mystical shit
You might slap that niggaIf he contact you a bitchYeah I watch you with thatBut you must be on thisIt"s that Henney and also Cocoa-ColaCome over and also sitWon"t you tell me your nameTell me where you be atI know you recognize that them hotBut I do not wanna hear thatYou check out I aim for a check beforeI aim for sexNiggas aim for deathThey trying to fuck with the blessedAin"t no fucking via amateursRun previous the noviceSip hella lean

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To check out who talks the slowestAin"t no preventing me at allYou need to experienced it off with maybe a chainsawAnd also if thatThe crack that I brew is still newYou nigas think acute while Cudi is obtuse(Hook)Yeah yeah uh uhThat brand-new newI doThat brand-new new