You are not the only one cursed with knowledge

Yes. Thanos has actually wandered across the galaxy for centuries. So, it is possible that he has obtained understanding in many type of areas consisting of just how to dominion the galaxy (by utilizing the Infinity Stones).

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What does Thanos expect as soon as he claims this to Iron Man?

Knowledge have the right to be a burden after a limit. If you have expertise of also much (or everything), you know the reality around many things and that deserve to be depushing. So, knowledge can be a curse which is common by both Thanos and also Iron Man.

Iron Man acquired to know the fate of human being in the time of Period of Ultron (after which he developed Ultron) and also Thanos is just fulfilling it. So, it is additionally feasible that both had actually the knowledge about the fate of the galaxy and also loss of dear ones it will cause. This could be a depressing fact. Because of this, Thanos sassist that expertise is a curse common by both of them.

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Thanos: Stark.

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Stark: You know me?

Thanos: I carry out. You"re not the only one cursed via understanding.

I took that two ways:

Thanos knows Stark via the events of The Avengers, once Stark foiled Loki"s attack on New York; and Thanos may have known even more about Stark from Loki"s study (and may have known about Stark before the fight because of Loki"s study, and later on because Loki had access to all of Hawkeye"s knowledge).Thanos likewise "knows" that what has to be done to set the cosmos appropriate is to eliminate half of all the beings that are alive. He regrets that all those civilization must die, and that he, being the only being through the will and power to get rid of them, will be the one to kill them. To paraexpression Loki, Thanos is "burdened via glorious function."
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Because nobody gave the actual answer, he knows bereason he has actually simply got the Soul Stone.

One of the Soul Stone"s powers in the comic is it reveals information about a perkid you can check out, called the "Light of Truth." This is likely a hint to one of the stone"s powers, considering that we see it do incredibly little bit on-screen.

Thanos knows that Stark is because he have the right to literally view right into his spirit currently.

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