Why be racist when you could just be quiet

The singer donned the shirt while percreating Friday at Panorama Festival.

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Frank Ocean caused rather the social media stir over the weekfinish once the rapper percreated his Panorama Music Festival set donning an anti-discrimination statement tee screen-published via the expression, "Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic as soon as you might just be quiet."

The shirt is designed and made by tiny internet business Eco-friendly Box Shop, an e-commerce website that prides itself on offering sustainable/environmentally friendly positive-photo shirts and also accessories to the millennial public. Sometimes, Environment-friendly Box Shop even donates proceeds of each piece to an company relating to the statement on the shirt; for instance, 50 percent of the proceeds from their "Climate Change Is Real" shirt is donated to the Honeybee Conservancy. And while the price is shocking — a mere $18.99 — what's even more striking is who's behind the company: 18-year-old Kayla Robinboy and a totality group of proud, courageous, social media-savvy teens, including a couple of assorted cats.

1. IM ACTUALLY CRYING BC THE LORD HIMSELF IS WEARING MY CREATION 2. If you view any of these images can you PLEEEAASE tag our shop bc I would hate for any type of of the copycats to be attributed. THANK YOU (

Robinchild and also her team additionally used social media to source the now-renowned quote, which they directly credit to a young guy named Brandon that tweeted it in August 2015. Since then, the tweet has actually received over 25Kretweets, was published on a viral t-shirt sure to sell out and also was worn by — oh, yeah — Ocean.

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why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you can bE QUIET

— brandon (
avogaydro) August 8, 2015

In a statement to Complex, Robinson sassist, "It's incredibly interesting to see a queer symbol prefer Frank Ocean giving a voice to marginalized groups and also utilizing his platdevelop to raise awareness about social justice worries using one of our shirts. My service is basically my life message. I want other providers to recognize that they have the right to use sustainable/environmentally friendly organization practices (fair profession and/or organic fabrics) and also still prosper as a company. The fact that Frank Ocean is contributing to this truth is suractual for me and also I am eternally grateful."

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