Which of the following statements regarding the entner-doudoroff pathway is true?

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Which of the complying with compounds is NOT an enzyme?

a) cellulase

b) Beta-galactosidase

c) coenzyme A

d) sucrase

e) dehydrogenase

Which organism is NOT properly matched to its power source?

A) chemoautotroph-NH³

B) chemoautotroph - Fe²⁺

C) photoautotroph - CO₂

D) photoheterotroph - light

E) chemoheterotroph - glucose

Which of the following statements about anaerobic respiration is FALSE?

A) It involves the reduction of an organic last electron acceptor.

B) The finish Kreb"s cycle is utilized.

C) It yields lower quantities of ATP once compared to aerobic respiration.

D) It geneprices ATP.

E) It requires cytochromes.

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What is the fate of pyruvic acid in an organism that provides aerobic respiration?

A) It is diminished to lactic acid.

B) It reacts with oxaloacetate to create citrate.

C) It is converted right into acetyl CoA.

D) It is catabolized in glycolysis.

E) It is oxidized in the electron transfer chain.

Fatty acids are oxidized in

A) glycolysis.

B) the Entner-Doudoroff pathmethod.

C) the electron deliver chain.

D) the pentose phosphate pathway.

E) the Krebs cycle.

Which of the adhering to is the ideal definition of oxidative phosphorylation?

A) Electrons are passed through a series of carriers to an organic compound.

B) A proton gradient allows hydrogen ions to flow ago right into the cells through transmembraneprotein networks, releasing power that is used to geneprice ATP.

C) Electrons are passed through a collection of carriers to O2.

D) ATP is directly moved from a substprice to ADP.

B) A proton gradient enables hydrogen ions to circulation back into the cells via transmembrane protein networks, releasing energy that is offered to generate ATP.

Which of the adhering to statements around substrate-level phosphorylation is FALSE?

A) It occurs in glycolysis.

B) The oxidation of intermediate metabolic compounds releases power that is provided to generateATP.

C) It involves the straight carry of a high-power phosphate team from an intermediate metabolic compound to ADP.

D) No final electron acceptor is required.

E) It occurs in the Krebs cycle.

Which of the adhering to statements around photophosphorylation is FALSE?

A) Light libeprices an electron from chlorophyll.

B) It requires CO₂.

C) Energy from oxidation reactions is used to geneprice ATP from ADP.

D) Oxidation of carrier molecules releases energy.

E) It occurs in photosynthesizing cells.

A strictly fermentative bacterium produces power

A) just in the lack of oxygen.

B) by fermentation or aerobic respiration.

C) by aerobic respiration just.

D) by glycolysis just.

E) only in the presence of oxygen.

The advantage of the pentose phosphate pathway is that it produces all of the following EXCEPT

A) precursors for the synthesis of amino acids.B) NADPH.

C) precursors for nucleic acids.

D) precursors for the synthesis of glucose.

E) three ATP"s.

Which of the following statements about beta oxidation is FALSE?

A) It is a method of catabolizing fatty acids.

B) It requires the development of acetyl-CoA.

C) It involves the formation of 2-carbon devices.

D) It is a step in glycolysis.

E) It is supplied in petroleum destruction.

In noncyclic photophosphorylation, O2 is released from

A) C₆H₁₂O₆

B) chlorophyll.

C) sunlight.

D) H₂O

E) CO₂.

Which of the adhering to is the best meaning of fermentation?

A)complete catabolism of glucose to CO₂ and also H₂O

B) the partial reduction of glucose to pyruvic acidC) the partial oxidation of glucose with organic molecules serving as electron acceptors

D) the manufacturing of power by both substprice and oxidative phosphorylation

E) production of power by oxidative-level phosphorylation

Which of the following is NOT important for respiration?

A) a resource of electrons

B) cytochromes

C) quinones

D) flavoproteins

E) oxygen

Which one of the complying with would you predict is an allosteric inhibitor of the Krebs cycle enzyme,alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase?


B) alpha-ketoglutaric acid

C) citric acid



In green and purple bacteria, electrons to mitigate CO₂ have the right to come from

A) H₂O

B) chlorophyll.

C) CO₂.

D) H₂S.

E) C₆H₁₂O₆.

Assume you are flourishing bacteria on a lipid medium that began at pH 7. The action of bacteriallipases should reason the pH of the medium to

A) increase.

B) stay the same.

C) decrease.

Which of the adhering to uses CO₂ for carbon and H₂ for energy?

A) photoautotroph

B) photoheterotroph

C) chemoheterotroph

D) chemoautotroph

Which of the adhering to supplies glucose for carbon and energy?

A) chemoheterotroph

B) photoautotroph

C) photoheterotroph

D) chemoautotroph

Which of the adhering to has bacteriochlorophylls and uses alcohols for carbon?

A) photoautotroph

B) photoheterotroph

C) chemoheterotroph

D) chemoautotroph

Cyanobacteria are a form of

A) chemoheterotroph.

B) photoautotroph.

C) chemoautotroph.

D) photoheterotroph.

Which of the following statements are true?

1-Electron carriers are located at ribosomes.

2-ATP is a common intermediate between catabolic and anabolic pathmethods.

3-ATP is used for the permanent storage of energy and so is regularly uncovered in storage granules.

4-Anaerobic organisms are capable of generating ATP through respiration.

5-ATP can be created by the flow of protons across protein networks.

2-ATP is a common intermediate in between catabolic and also anabolic pathmethods.

4-Anaerobic organisms are capable of generating ATP using respiration.

5-ATP have the right to be created by the circulation of protons throughout protein channels.

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Microorganisms that catabolize sugars right into ethanol and hydrogen gas would certainly be categorized as

A) alcohol fermenters.

B) anaerobic respirers.

C) aerobic respirers.

D) homolactic fermenters.

E) heterolactic fermenters.

Which of the complying with statements regarding metabolism is FALSE?

A) Anabolic reactions are degradative.

B) Heat might be released in both anabolic and catabolic reactions.

C) ATP is developed in catabolic reactions.

D) ADP is formed in anabolic reactions.

Which of the complying with statements about the Entner-Doudoroff pathmethod is TRUE?

A) It requires the pentose phosphate pathmeans.

B) NADH is produced.

C) ATP is produced.

D) It requires glycolysis.

E) NADH and ATP are generated.

An enzyme, citprice synthase, in the Krebs cycle is inhibited by ATP. This is an example of every one of thecomplying with EXCEPT

A) allosteric inhibition.

B) feedearlier inhibition.

C) competitive inhibition

D) noncompetitive inhibition

If a cell is starved for ATP, which of the complying with pathmeans would certainly many most likely be shut down?

A) glycolysis

B) Kreb"s cycle

C) pentose phosphate pathway

D) Krebs cycle and also glycolysis

Which of the complying with statements regarding the glycolysis pathmethod is FALSE?

A) Two molecules of water are created.

B) Two pyruvate molecules are created.

C) Two NADH molecules are created.

D) Four ATP molecules are produced using substrate-level phosphorylation.

E) One molecule of ATP is expfinished.

A bacterial society grvery own in a glucose-peptide medium causes the pH to boost.The bacteria arethe majority of likely

A) not growing.

B) fermenting the glucose.

C) using the peptides.

D) oxidizing the glucose.

Gallionella bacteria deserve to acquire power from the reaction Fe²⁺ → Fe³⁺. This reactivity is an instance ofA) the Calvin-Benchild cycle.

B) reduction.

C) oxidation.

D) fermentation.

E) photophosphorylation.

The use of enzymes is necessary to rise the activation power demands of a chemical reaction.

Once an enzyme has actually converted substrates right into products, the active website reverts ago to its originalform.

How many molecules of ATP can be created from the complete oxidation of glucose to CO 2 and also H2O?

A) 2

B) 4

C) 34

D) 38

E) 76

Which of the adhering to is not true around anaerobic respiration?

A) It requires glycolysis just.

B) It involves the Krebs cycle.

C) It entails the reduction of nitrate.

D) It geneprices ATP.

E) It requires cytochromes.

According to the chemiosmotic device, ATP is generated when

A) Electrons are moved between carrier molecules.

B) A high-power phosphate group is transferred from an intermediate metabolite to ADP.

C) Chlorophyll liberates an electron.

D) Protons are moved throughout a membrane.

E) Cells lyse in a hypotonic atmosphere.

Which of the adhering to is not an end-product of fermentation?

A) Lactic acid

B) Ethyl alcohol

C) Glycerol

D) Pyruvic acid

E) Acetone

What percent of the total ATP developed from the complete catabolism of glucose is producedby aerobic respiration?

A) 5%

B) 11%

C) 50%

D) 89%

E) 95%

Aerobic respiration differs from anaerobic respiration in which of the following respects?

A) Anaerobic respiration is glycolysis.

B) The last electron acceptors are different.

C) Aerobic respiration needs the electron carry chain.

D) Aerobic respiration gets electrons from the Krebs cycle.

E) Aerobic respiration produces even more ATP.

Assume you are functioning for a chemical company and also you are responsible for flourishing a yeastculture that produces ethyl alcohol. The yeasts are prospering well on the maltose medium butare not developing alcohol. The the majority of most likely explacountry is

A) The maltose is toxic.

B) O2 is in the tool.

C) Not sufficient protein is offered.

D) Yeasts donʹt produce ethyl alcohol.

E) None of the over.

A shipping firm employee notices that the inside of shipsʹ hulls wbelow ballast water is stored are deteriorating. The hull paint contained cyanide to proccasion microbial development. Because bacteria were growing on the hulls, you can conclude that the

A) Bacteria were making use of aerobic respiration.

B) Bacteria were making use of anaerobic respiration.

C) Bacteria were growing by fermentation.

D) Bacteria were using cytochromes.

E) None of the above.

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When oxygen is unobtainable, Halobacterium develop ATP by

A) Fermentation.

B) Photophosphorylation.

C) Oxidative phosphorylation.

D) Substrate-level phosphorylation.

E) The Krebs cycle.

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