Which of the following solutions is novogratz committed to? choose the best answer.

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Week 11 Final Exam Part 1

Question 1



According to Shadow Cities, which of the adhering to has actually been an outcome of “asfaltização” in Rocinha?

Question 2



What is the mission of the organization SPIN Rocinha?


Inquiry 3



What is the main complaint around “asfaltização” by some Rocinha residents?


Concern 4



How does Lagos dump worker Eric Obuh watch his scavenging work-related in the dump?


Question 5



How does the writer of Shadow Cities characterize government and NGO attempts to connect via the favelas in Rio de Janeiro?


Inquiry 6



Which of the following is just one of the indications of human development used to recognize the Human being Advancement Index?


Question 7



According to Gapminder, which of the complying with statements describing the partnership in between literacy and also income in China is true?


Inquiry 8



Of the following explanations for low student enrollment in developing countries, which execute the authors of Poor Economics uncover the majority of likely?


Inquiry 9



Which of the complying with is true about India?


Concern 10



Think ago to the charts in Gapminder to answer this question. Keeping in mind transforms considering that 1980 for both guys AND women, which of the adhering to statements BEST defines the comparikid in between sex groups?


Concern 11



According to the message, what affect has actually investing in preventative wellness care had on health and wellness outcomes?


Inquiry 12



Which of the complying with statements summarizes Hans Rosling’s view on what constitutes a “developing” country?


Question 13



Which of the following is one reason why richer countries like the USA have been able to get rid of malaria however poorer countries have actually not?


Question 14



What did the studies of bed net recipients with the TAMTAM regimen expose about usage prices and also bed net cost?


Question 15



According to the video Living on One, exactly how many human being die annually from water-associated diseases?


Question 16



Which of the following statements BEST expresses breakthrough movie critic Ivan Illich"s argument?


Inquiry 17



According to the writer of the short article "The Fight Against Eco-Imperialism," what should the developed world execute to assist combat climate change?


Inquiry 18



According to advance critic Ivan Illich, which of the complying with has been a result of the United States" attempt to export "democracy"?


Concern 19



What difference does assist movie critic Dambisa Moyo draw between the Marshall Plan and typical advance programs?


Concern 20



What was Senator (and future President) John F. Kennedy"s challenge to Amerideserve to university students as soon as he established the Peace Corps?


Concern 21



Which of the complying with is a reason offered by Jeffrey Sachs, the author of The End of Poverty, for the reduction in the number of youngsters born to Bangladeshi women?


Question 22



Which of the adhering to is a reason why Malawians are not acquiring therapy for AIDS?


Inquiry 23



Which of the complying with is a reason why it"s so tough for negative Guatemalans favor Yonada (and poor human being in the occurring people in general) to obtain a loan from a bank?


Inquiry 24



According to Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus, which of the adhering to is "the basic resource of poverty"?


Inquiry 25



What trouble via Rwanda"s scarf job is underscored in the report "Rwanda Rising"?


Inquiry 26



What does Chinese activist Deng Fei think will be the result of leveraging “even more resources from the government and also society”?


Question 27



Which of the following options is Acumales CEO Jacqueline Novogratz committed to?


Inquiry 28



A recent study on malnourishment discovered that 12 percent of negative, rural Chinese youngsters were what?


Inquiry 29



Recontact Annette, the Ugandan ReadySet entrepreneur working via the Grameen Bank.

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How have actually Grameen"s initiatives benefitted Annette"s community?


Question 30



According to the video around the company that makes the ReadySet, what is the company"s best challenge?


Week 11 Final Exam Part 2


Concern 1



Which of the adhering to statements defines the employment case in slums in developing nations such as Brazil and Nigeria (i.e., countries with high financial growth rates)?


Question 2



According to UN estimates, by 2050 a far-ranging majority of the people will certainly be living in metropolitan areas. Between then and now, in what regions of the human being will certainly most of this expansion occur?


Concern 3



Government policy toward slums in cities such as Lagos and Rio de Janeiro might BEST be described as:


Question 4


Life in booming cities in the arising human being is in many type of methods similar to life in which of the following places?


Question 5



What populace boundary was crossed in 2008?


Concern 6



Which of the adhering to statements about students" future earning potential is true?


Inquiry 7



Which three geographic regions of the world have actually the greatest proficiency rates?


Question 8



Schools in occurring countries regularly autumn brief of their objectives to 1) aid all kids develop basic skills and 2) nurture students" talents. Which of the following is a reason why this occurs?


Inquiry 9



Which of the following gives the BEST explacountry for why additional school (high school) is so hardly ever free in emerging nations?


Inquiry 10



Which of the complying with is the most widespread mindset towards education among paleas in arising nations?


Concern 11



Which of the complying with BEST describes how a effective "nudge" from a federal government can impact a country"s health and wellness care?


Concern 12



From a health and wellness perspective, which of the complying with is a significant advantage of living in a wealthy country?


Question 13



Which of the adhering to is an instance of a government-implemented security measure that human being in the developed world have pertained to take for granted?


Inquiry 14



What is the "health trap"?


Question 15



Which of the following BEST explains wellness gains made in Africa over the last 50 years?


Question 16



In the watch of development skeptics and development realists, which of the complying with realities should be recognized by those working in development? Choose the BEST answer."


Question 17



What are breakthrough donors and also breakthrough jobs many most likely to lose emphasis of?


Inquiry 18



Why carry out some advancement thinkers such as Dambisa Moyo oppose giving assist to occurring countries? Choose the BEST answer.


Inquiry 19



How perform modern-day Peace Corps volunteers and advocates watch the organization"s mission?


Question 20



What has been the main reason of development-related climate change?


Concern 21



In what unique and also effective method has the Grameen Bank helped bad human being in the developing world?


Question 22



According to Rwandan President Paul Kagame, which of the complying with statements BEST expresses the partnership between foreign assist and successful development?


Concern 23



Why carry out the leaders of arising nations (such as Rwanda"s Paul Kagame) often choose to work through businesses rather of breakthrough agencies?


Concern 24



Chile is one of the a lot of recent nations to go from emerging to arisen nation condition. Which of the complying with statements about Chile"s financial progress is true?


Inquiry 25



An invitation to join what company signaled that Chile is on its means to coming to be a arisen nation?


Question 26



The final say on Millennium Growth Goals success rests through whom?


Inquiry 27



How are the prospects searching for MDGs targain 1A, which aims to reduced in fifty percent the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 a day?


Concern 28



How are the prospects trying to find MDGs targain 5A, which aims to mitigate the maternal mortality rate in occurring countries by 3 quarters?


Inquiry 29



What difficulty widespread to rural locations of the emerging world has actually the ReadySet attempted to solve?


Concern 30



How has actually the United Nations Development Programme"s milk production regime in India aided empower rural Indian women?