Which of the following scenarios is an example of a person interacting outside of a market?

Which of the adhering to scenarios is an instance of a perchild connecting exterior of a market?

A) Mark areas his comic book repertoire up for sale on eBay.

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B) Young buys fresh radishes at the local farmers market.

C) Melissa votes for her favorite performer at a neighborhood talent show.

D) Isabella agrees to deal with Miguel"s sink if Miguel paints Isabella"s porch.

Consumer Market:

Consumer markets are markets where customers purchase goods or services for their own intake and not for additionally resale. In a consumer market, businesses use marketing to educate and solicit potential consumers to buy their commodities and services.

The USA has the largest customer industry in the world.

Answer and also Explanation:

The correct answer is C, Melissa votes for her favorite perprevious at a local talent present.

In a market device, parties connect in the exadjust of items...

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