Which of the following is true regarding behavior change?

C) If employees are resistent to change, the only alternative left through a manager is to enforce it forcibly.

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D) Managers must confront the require for change and also the opportunity to create change.

Organizational Change

Organizational readjust defines the transition an organization goes via in terms of culture, procedure, and mode of operation. When the atmosphere transforms, the organization has to readjust as well. Incongruency between the setting and the organization will drive down morale and performance.

The answer is D) Managers have to confront the need for readjust and also the opportunity to develop adjust.

Managers have to be hocolony around as soon as it is time to change, accept that reality, and then collaboprice through their groups to architecture the way the readjust have to be brought out.

New supervisors are expected to create change. Sindicate because the manager is new it does not suppose that the organizational society is as well.Managing adjust is not a straightforward task. It needs examining and also reresearching existing units for performance and congruency.Enforcing change quite than encouraging employees to agree is not recommfinished. Employees will see the force in an unfavorable light and retreat or come to be counterfertile.
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