Which of the following is not true about attention getting techniques?

Learning Objectives

Understand the different devices speakers deserve to usage to get their audience’s attention.Name some widespread mistakes speakers make in trying to acquire attention.

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As you understand by currently, an excellent development will certainly capture an audience’s attention, while a bad advent can turn an audience versus a speaker. An attention-getter is the gadget a speaker offers at the beginning of a speech to capture an audience’s interemainder and also make them interested in the speech’s topic. Usually, tbelow are 4 things to consider in choosing a specific attention-acquiring device:

Appropriateness or relevance to audiencePurpose of speechTopicOccasion

First, as soon as selecting an attention-gaining device, you want to make sure that the alternative you pick is actually correct and appropriate to your particular audience. Different audiences will have actually various backgrounds and also expertise, so you need to usage your audience evaluation to recognize whether particular indevelopment you arrangement on utilizing would be appropriate for a certain audience. For instance, if you’re providing a speech on household devices to a team of people over the age of sixty-5, founding your speech through a reference to the television display Gossip Girl may not be the ideal concept bereason the tv display may not be pertinent to that audience.

2nd, you must take into consideration the basic function of your speech. As debated previously in this text, there are three standard objectives you have the right to have actually for providing a speech: to increate, to guide, and also to entertain. When selecting an attention-getter, you desire to make sure that you pick one that coincides through your standard objective. If your goal is to entertain an audience, then founding a speech via a quotation about how many kind of civilization are dying in Africa each day from malnutrition may not be the ideal way to obtain your audience’s attention. Remember, one of the fundamental purposes of an arrival is to prepare your audience for your speech. If your attention-getter differs considerably in tone from the remainder of your speech (e.g., dying in Africa as soon as you want your audience to laugh), the disjointedness might cause your audience to become confused or tune you out completely.

Your 3rd standard consideration once picking an attention-obtaining gadget is your speech topic. Ideally, your attention-gaining device need to have a relevant link to your speech. Imagine if a speaker pulled condoms out of his pocket, yelled “Free sex!” and also threw the prophylactics at the audience in the start of a speech about the economy. While this might plainly get the audience’s attention, this isn’t really a good means to prepare an audience for a speech about bull and bear markets. Not eincredibly attention-getter is correct for a offered topic. Instead, a speaker can start this speech by explaining that “according to a 2004 episode of 60 Minutes, adults in the United States spfinish roughly $10 billion yearly on adult entertainment, which is around the indistinguishable to the amounts they spfinish attfinishing expert sporting events, buying music, or going out to the movies” (Leung, 2004). Notice how efficient the shocking statistic is in plainly introducing the monetary worth of the adult entertainment market.

The last consideration once picking an attention-getting gadget involves the speech occasion. Different occasions will necessitate various tones, or particular layouts or manners of speaking. For example, a persuasive speech about fatality and also dying shouldn’t be happy and also hilarious. An informative speech on the benefits of laughing shouldn’t be dull, dreary, and depressing. When choosing an attention-getter, you want to make certain that the attention-getter sets the tone for the speech.

Now that we’ve explored the four major considerations you should think of once selecting an attention-getter, let’s look at a variety of different attention-getters you may employ. Miller (1946) found that speakers tend to use among eleven attention-gaining tools as soon as starting a speech. The rest of this section is going to research these elalso attention-obtaining tools.

Reference to Subject

The initially attention-getting strategy to think about is to tell your audience the topic of your speech. This device is most likely the the majority of direct, however it may also be the leastern exciting of the possible attention-getters. Here’s an example:

We are surrounded by statistical indevelopment in today’s human being, so expertise statistics is coming to be paramount to citizenship in the twenty-first century.

This sentence clearly tells an audience that the speech they are around to hear is around the prominence of knowledge statistics. While this isn’t the the majority of entertaining or amazing attention-getter, it is incredibly clear and also direct.


Reference to Audience

The second attention-acquiring gadget to think about is a direct reference to the audience. In this instance, the speaker has actually a clear expertise of the audience and also points out that there is somepoint unique about the audience that must make them interested in the speech’s content. Here’s an example:

As human reresource specialists, you and I know the prominence of talent administration. In today’s competitive world, we have to invest in getting and also keeping the best talent for our establishments to succeed.

In this instance, the speaker reminds the audience of their common condition as humale reresource specialists and also uses the common ground to acknowledge the prestige of talent administration in huguy sources.


Another means to capture your listeners’ attention is to use the words of one more perkid that relate straight to your topic. Maybe you’ve discovered a really great quotation in one of the write-ups or books you check out while researching your speech. If not, you can likewise use a variety of resources that compile valuable quotations from provided people. Probably the the majority of well known quotation book of all time is Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (http://www.bartleby.com/100), now in its seventeenth edition. Here are some various other websites that contain useful databases of quotations for almost any topic:

Quotations are a great way to start a speech, so let’s look at an example that might be provided for a speech on deception:

Oliver Goldsmith, a sixteenth-century writer, poet, and medical professional, when detailed that “the true usage of speech is not so much to expush our wants as to conceal them.”

Reference to Current Events

Referring to a present news event that relates to your topic is often an effective way to capture attention, as it immediately makes the audience mindful of exactly how appropriate the topic is in today’s human being. For instance, take into consideration this attention-getter for a persuasive speech on frivolous lawsuits:

On January 10, 2007, Scott Anthony Gomez Jr. and a fellow inmate escaped from a Pueblo, Coloraperform, jail. During their escape the duo attempted to rappel from the roof of the jail utilizing a maketransition ladder of bed sheets. Throughout Gomez’s attempt to scale the building, he slipped, fell forty feet, and injured his earlier. After being quickly apprehended, Gomez filed a lawsuit against the jail for making it too simple for him to escape.

In this situation, the speaker is highlighting a news event that illustrates what a frivolous lawsuit is, setting up the speech topic of a need for change in how such lawsuits are handled.

Historical Reference

You may likewise capture your listeners’ attention by referring to a historic event regarded your topic. Obviously, this strategy is very closely concerned the previous one, except that rather of a current news event you are reaching better back in background to find a relevant recommendation. For example, if you are providing a speech on the Iraq War that started in 2003, you might refer ago to the Vietnam War as means of making a comparison:

During the 1960s and also ’70s, the USA intervened in the civil strife in between North and South Vietnam. The outcome was a long-running battle of attrition in which many type of Amerideserve to resides were shed and also the country of Vietnam suffered remarkable damage and destruction. Today, we view a similar battle being waged in Iraq. Amerideserve to stays are being lost, and also stcapability has not yet went back to the region.

In this example, the speaker is evoking the audience’s memories of the Vietnam War to raise awareness of similarities to the war in Iraq.


Another device you can use to start a speech is to tell an anecdote concerned the speech’s topic. An anecdote is a brief account or story of an exciting or humorous event. Notice the emphasis below is on the word “brief.” A common mistake speakers make as soon as telling an anecdote is to make the anecdote also long. Remember, your whole development have to just be 10 to 15 percent of your speech, so your attention-getter must be incredibly short.

One type of anecdote is a actual story that emphasizes a speech’s basic message. For instance, below is an anecdote a speaker could use to begin a speech on just how dislinked people are from the real world bereason of technology:

In July 2009, a high college girl called Alexa Longueira was walking alengthy a main boulevard close to her home on Staten Island also, New York, inputting in a message on her cell phone. Not paying attention to the world approximately her, she took a action and fell best right into an sarkariresultonline.info manhole (Whitney, 2009).

A second type of anecdote is a parable or fable. A parable or fable is an allegorical anecdote designed to teach basic life lessons. The the majority of commonly known parables for many Americans are those offered in the Scriptures and also the best-well-known fables are Aesop’s Fables (http://www.aesopfables.com). For the very same speech on exactly how dislinked human being are via the genuine people bereason of modern technology, the speaker might have used the Fable of The Boy and the Filberts:

The prehistoric Greek writer Aesop told a fable about a boy who put his hand right into a pitcher of filberts. The boy ordered as many type of of the delicious nuts as he maybe might. But as soon as he tried to pull them out, his hand also wouldn’t fit with the neck of the pitcher bereason he was grasping so many kind of filberts. Instead of dropping some of them so that his hand also would fit, he burst right into tears and also cried about his predicament. The ethical of the story? “Don’t attempt to do as well a lot at once” (Aesop, 1881).

After recounting this anecdote, the speaker might quickly relate the fable to the idea that the technology in our society leads us to try to execute also many things at as soon as.

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While parables and also fables are short and entertaining, their application to your speech topic have to be clear. We’ll talk about this principle in even more detail later in this chapter as soon as we talk about how to attach your attention-getter explicitly to your topic.

Startling Statement

The eighth device you can use to begin a speech is to surprise your audience through startling information about your topic. Often, startling statements come in the develop of statistics and also strange facts. The goal of an excellent startling statistic is that it surprises the audience and gets them engaged in your topic. For instance, if you’re providing a speech about oil conservation, you might begin by saying, “A Boeing 747 airliner holds 57,285 gallons of fuel.” You can begin a speech on the psychology of desires by noting, “The average perchild has over 1,460 desires a year.” A stvariety fact, on the various other hand also, is a statement that does not involve numbers however is equally surpincreasing to most audiences. For example, you could begin a speech on the gambling sector by saying, “There are no clocks in any casinos in Las Vegas.” You can begin a speech on the Harlem Globetrotters by saying, “In 2000, Pope John Paul II ended up being the most well known honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters.” All four of these examples came from a good webwebsite for strange facts (http://www.strangefacts.com).

Although startling statements are fun, it is essential to use them ethically. First, make sure that your startling statement is factual. The Web is full of startling statements and also clintends that are sindicate not factual, so when you find a statement you’d choose to usage, you have an ethical duty to asspecific its fact before you use it. 2nd, make certain that your startling statement is appropriate to your speech and not just thrvery own in for shock value. We’ve all heard startling clintends made in the media that are plainly created objectives of shock or fear mongering. As speakers, we have actually an honest duty to stop playing on people’s eactivities in this means.


Anvarious other strategy for getting your audience’s attention is to ask them a question. There are 2 types of inquiries generally provided as attention-getters: response inquiries and also rhetorical questions. A response question is a question that the audience is intended to answer in some manner. For example, you might ask your audience, “Please raise your hand also if you have ever thought about backpacking in Europe” or “Have you ever voted for the Electdental College? If so, stand also up.” In both of these instances, the speaker wants her or his audience to respond. A rhetorical question, on the various other hand also, is a question to which no actual reply is intended. For example, a speaker talking around the prestige of HIV experimentation could begin by asking the audience, “I have actually two inquiries that I’d prefer you to think about. How many students on this campus have actually had actually sexual intercourse? Of those that have actually had actually sex, just how many type of have been tested for HIV?” In this situation, the speaker does not suppose the audience to offer an estimate of the numbers of students that fit into each category however quite to think around the questions as the speech goes on.


Humor is an additional efficient approach for getting an audience’s attention. Humor is an remarkable tool once provided appropriately. We cannot begin to define all the remarkable facets of humor within this text, yet we have the right to say that humor is a good way of focusing an audience on what you are saying. However before, humor is a double-edged sword. If you perform not wield the sword very closely, you have the right to turn your audience against you very quickly. When using humor, you really have to understand your audience and understand what they will certainly discover humorous. One of the greatest mistakes a speaker can make is to usage some develop of humor that the audience either doesn’t find funny or finds offensive. Think about just how incompetent the character of Michael Scott appears on the television regimen The Office, in huge component because of his inefficient use of humor. We constantly recommend that you test out humor of any kind of type on a sample of potential audience members before actually using it in the time of a speech.


Now that we’ve warned you around the perils of using humor, let’s talk about just how to use humor as an attention-getter. Humor deserve to be included into a number of of the attention-acquiring gadgets mentioned. You could use a humorous anecdote, quotation, or existing occasion. As with various other attention-obtaining gadgets, you need to make certain your humor is appropriate to your topic, as among the greatest mistakes some novices make as soon as using humor is to include humor that really doesn’t support the overall goal of the speech. So as soon as in search of humorous attention-getters you want to make certain that the humor is nonoffensive to your audiences and also pertinent to your speech. For instance, here’s a humorous quotation from Nicolas Chamfort, a French writer throughout the sixteenth century, “The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless.” While this quotation could be good for some audiences, various other audiences might uncover this humorous quotation offensive (e.g., religious audiences). The Chamfort quotation might be good for a speech on the ills of modern culture, yet most likely not for a speech on the state of contemporary religious dispute. You want to make certain that the leap from your attention-getter to your topic isn’t also facility for your audience, or the attention-getter will backfire.

Personal Reference

The tenth gadget you might consider to begin a speech is to refer to a story about yourself that is appropriate for your topic. Several of the finest speeches are ones that come from individual expertise and also endure. If you are an professional or have firsthand experience regarded your topic, sharing this indevelopment through the audience is a great way to display that you are credible throughout your attention-getter. For example, if you had actually a gastric bypass surgery and also you wanted to provide an informative speech around the procedure, you might present your speech in this way:

In the fall of 2008, I determined that it was time that I took my life right into my very own hands. After enduring for years via the illness of obesity, I chose to take a leap of belief and also gain a gastric bypass in an effort to ultimately beat the illness.

If you usage a personal instance, don’t obtain lugged ameans via the emphasis on yourself and also your very own life. Your speech topic is the purpose of the attention-getter, not the other way roughly. Anvarious other pitautumn in making use of an individual instance is that it may be also personal for you to keep your composure. For example, a student when started a speech about her grandmom by stating, “My grandmom passed away of cancer at 3:30 this morning.” The student then proceeded to cry nonsoptimal for ten minutes. While this is a severe example, we strongly recommend that you stop any type of product that could obtain you overly choked up while speaking. When speakers have actually an emotional breakdvery own throughout their speech, audience members soptimal listening to the message and end up being exceptionally uncomfortable.

Reference to Occasion

The last tool we point out for starting a speech is to refer directly to the speaking occasion. This attention-getter is just valuable if the speech is being ceded for a particular occasion. Many kind of toasts, for instance, begin through the complying with statement: “Today we are here to honor X.” In this instance, the “X” might be a retirement, a marriage, a graduation, or any number of various other distinct occasions. Due to the fact that of its particular nature, this attention-getter is the leastern likely to be provided for speeches being yielded for college courses.

Key Takeaways

In arising the arrival to your speech, begin by deciding upon a statement to capture the audience’s attention.Attention-getters can incorporate referrals to the audience, quotations, recommendations to current events, historic referrals, anecdotes, startling statements, concerns, humor, personal recommendations, and also references to the occasion.


Make a list of the attention-acquiring gadgets you could use to offer a speech on the importance of recycling. Which carry out you think would be most effective? Why?You’ve been asked to supply a speech on the usage of declaring in children’s media. Out of the list of ten different possible attention-gaining devices debated in the chapter, exactly how could you usage 4 of them to start your speech?


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