Which of the following is not a reason that adhd may be overdiagnosed

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, misdiagnosis deserve to happen bereason many of its symptoms overlap with those of various other conditions. The symptoms of ADHD — such as challenge concentrating, restlessness, and also finding it hard to respond to instructions — have the right to all arise from a large variety of reasons.

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Some aspects of ADHD may additionally be symptoms of various other problems. Due to the facility nature of the condition, some civilization might get an incorrect diagnosis.

This is as a result of a vast range of diagnostic problems. Here, we look at some of the components and also conditions that deserve to cause a misdiagnosis of ADHD.

Share on PinterestA misdiagnose of ADHD in a son might be because of their age.
Doctors deserve to misdiagnose ADHD in youngsters due to their age. In fact, children that begin institution at a younger age even more typically receive a diagnosis of ADHD.

If a boy starts college having actually simply turned 5 years old while some of their peers are closer to 6 years old, tbelow is an approximate 20% distinction in age.

One research discovered that kids born in December, which was the college cutoff age, were even more likely to have an ADHD diagnosis than those born in January.

The date a boy is born does not influence their opportunity of ADHD, as it is a neurodevelopmental condition. What this research study does suggest, but, is that misdiagnosis can happen relying on the maturity levels of a occurring son once they obtain a diagnosis.

It is likewise necessary to note that having actually challenge paying attention and also being overenergetic might be normal behavior for youngsters of a particular age.


Some research has discovered that boys obtain a diagnosis of ADHD more often than girls, with a proportion varying from 3:1 to 9:1 of boys to girls with an ADHD diagnosis.

Researchers indicate that this is bereason girls tend to display even more symptoms of inattention than boys. Boys might rather display symptoms of hypertask, which are more noticeable.

More noticeable display screens of the symptoms of ADHD might lead to an ADHD diagnosis.

Mood disorders

Mood disorders include:

dysthymia, which is a chronic low or irritable mood lasting for 2 years or even more in adults and at least 1 year in children

Some theories indicate that mood disorders have the right to take place because of an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, stressful life occasions, or as an answer to major condition or medication.

Some symptoms of mood disorders deserve to be equivalent to those of ADHD, such as:

challenge concentratingdifficulty sleeping

A psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional have the right to diagnose a mood disorder by conducting an assessment and using diagnostic criteria to a person’s symptoms.

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism, additionally referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), can have some symptoms that may show up comparable to ADHD.

These deserve to include:

fidgeting and also constantly being on the movestruggling in social interactionsbecoming upcollection because of frustration

ASD is a neurodevelopmental problem that affects communication, behavior, and also social skills.

Symptoms of ASD deserve to include:

avoiding eye contactdisliking changes in routinehaving actually difficulty via social skillsusing movement to soothe oneself, such as rocking the body or waving the armshaving a limited or addressed interest in particular topics or hobbieshaving actually difficulty empathizing with othersnot speaking, delayed speaking, or repeating certain phrases

Healthcare specialists such as neurologists and also psychologists deserve to bring out a in-depth examicountry to diagnose ASD.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders can cause people to feel constantly anxious, have panic strikes, or endure phoprejudice.

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Several of the symptoms of tension disorders have the right to be comparable to those of ADHD, such as:

obstacle concentratingfeeling irritablerestlessnessstruggling via social skills due to social anxiety

Anxiety disorder can also reason world to feel unmanageable issue, come to be exhausted conveniently, or have actually an extreme fear around a particular instance or object.

A physician or psychotherapist have the right to diagnose anxiety disorder by taking a thostormy clinical background and using diagnostic criteria to the person’s symptoms.

Difficulty sleeping
Share on PinterestA sleeping disorder may cause comparable symptoms to ADHD.

If civilization endure sleep problems such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it deserve to reason comparable symptoms to ADHD, including:

challenge in concentratingrestlessnessdaytime sleepinessdecrease in performance at college or work

People with insomnia have actually obstacle falling or staying asleep.

OSA is a condition wherein the top airmeans keeps gaining blocked while asleep, which restricts airflow. People with OSA may:

snore loudlygasp for air in their sleeptypically wake in the night to urinate

A doctor may take a medical background, bring out a physical examicountry, and imply a sleep study — throughout which they can monitor activity during sleep — to diagnose a sleep problem.

Auditory processing disorder

Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a condition that renders it tough for world to understand also the sounds of words appropriately. APD affects the means a person’s main nervous mechanism interprets indevelopment.

People with ADHD have the right to correctly procedure auditory indevelopment via their central nervous system; it is the deficit of attention that impacts just how they take in and use that indevelopment.

Symptoms can be comparable to ADHD and may include:

difficulty listening, specifically in noisy settingsobstacle following spoken instructionsasking for people to repeat speech, which may show up comparable to having actually difficulty hearingchallenge receiving verbal information

A medical professional cannot diagnose APD by looking at symptoms alone, as tright here might be many kind of other reasons for the communication, language, or learning challenges.

An audiologist have the right to diagnose APD by carrying out a range of tests that look at responses to sound.

Share on PinterestCeliac disease may cause similar symptoms to ADHD, such as irritcapability and behavior worries.

Allergies and celiac disease have the right to produce symptoms equivalent to those of ADHD.

In kids, celiac condition can cause irritcapacity and behavior issues. In adults, celiac illness can cause exhaustion, depression, and also stress and anxiety.

A 2011 research looked at 67 civilization eras 7–42. Out of the 67 participants, 10 had celiac disease. After 6 months of following a gluten-free diet, those via celiac illness had huge enhancements in their ADHD symptoms.

Untreated celiac illness may boost the likelihood of symptoms of ADHD. The researchers indicate that world must get tested for celiac illness as component of an ADHD diagnosis to help proccasion a misdiagnosis.

Other conditions

Some other conditions that deserve to current equivalent symptoms to ADHD include:

discovering disordersvisual problems

Because many type of of the symptoms of ADHD overlap through those of many kind of various other problems, misdiagnosis deserve to occur.

If ADHD is not the cause of the symptoms, they have the right to come to be worse via the stimulants the doctor prescribes for therapy.

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If a perchild displays symptoms of ADHD, it is vital that they talk to their healthtreatment provider and go through a range of tests to ensure that they obtain the correct diagnosis and also therapy.

Last medically reviewed on June 28, 2019


Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, Ph.D., CRNP — Written by Beth Sissons on June 28, 2019

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