Which of the following is not a negative dimension of friendship as identified by young athletes?

A.Sport participation builds character.

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B.Sport participation builds management skills.
C.The benefits of sport participation depfinish on the quality of the adult leadership.

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D.a and also b

Which of the adhering to is the number one reason that young athletes offer for participating in college and also other youth sports?
A.to make brand-new friends
B.to improve skills
C.to gain exercise
D.to have fun

A.to boost sport skills
B.to stay in shape
C.to have actually fun
D.to make brand-new friends

Research has actually shown that participants in youth sport differ from dropouts in what psychological attribute?
A.viewed competence
B.trait anxiety
C. self-esteem

A.throwing a helmet in disgust after striking out
B.punching an umpire because he made a negative call
C.accidentally hitting and also injuring a batter with a wild fastball
D. b and also c

“Good aggression” (playing within the rules through high intensity) is known in sport psychology as
A.assertive behavior
B.aggression via purpose
C.aggression through emotion
D.intentional aggression

A.through the intent to injury physically
B.in the quest of some nonaggressive goal
C.via the intent to injury psychologically
D.a and b

A.instrumental aggression
B.reenergetic aggression
C.judgmental aggression
D.intentional aggression

Individuals have an innate bias to be aggressive, which builds up and eventually need to be expressed. This represents the major premise of which theory?
A.social finding out theory
B.frustration-aggression theory
C.revised frustration-aggression theory
D.instinct theory

A.exactly how mental growth changes as a boy interacts through the environment to shape moral reasoning
B.reinforcement as the vital to arising moral reasoning
C.a behavioral version that supporters a stimulus-response strategy to the advance of excellent sporting behavior
D.exactly how inherent developmental determinants dictate the breakthrough of excellent sporting behavior

The interpretation of excellent sporting habits put forth by Shields and Bredemeier emphasizes which of these statements?
A.Ethical standards will certainly take precedence over strategic acquire as soon as these are in problem.
B.Treat others as you would choose them to treat you.

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C.Have respect for various other players, coaches, and also officials
D.Proper moral breakthrough is different for different ages.

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