Which of the following activities are examples of data gathering

Which of the complying with activities are examples of information gathering? Check all that use.

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A. Counting the votes in an election to determine the following mayor

B. Measuring the DCH (diameter chest-high) of 200 trees in a forest

C. Finding the mean weight of heart-condition patients in a sarkariresultonline.info

D. Asking 500 telephone respondents what their favorite radio station is

E. Making a pie chart mirroring the kinds of cars owned by human being in a sample of 1000

Documents gathering:

Data gathering is the procedure of gathering or collecting information or data from different sources to gain an principle of a details variable of interemainder.

Ex- Weight of youngsters below 5 years of age, choice of coffee over tea in a department etc.

Answer and also Explanation:

Each of these meets the demands to be thought about data gathering other than for C and E.. Each item or perkid has a various variable linked via...

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