What is the role of agency in learning the gospel

Prepare yourself spiritually

Think about somepoint you learned freshly. What did you carry out to learn it? How did you feel?What are some various means youth have the right to be associated in discovering the gospel?Who in your class seems to be actively affiliated in learning? Who is not? How have the right to you job-related via other teachers to encourage the youth to proactively take part in discovering, in class and also on their own?

Teaching in the Savior’s way

The Savior used basic stories, parables, and also real-life examples once He taught. He aided others uncover gospel lessons in their own experiences. How will certainly you assist the youth view examples of what you are teaching in their own lives?

Make connections

During the first few minutes of eexceptionally class, assist the youth make relations between points they are finding out in miscellaneous settings (such as individual examine, seminary, other Church classes, or experiences through their friends). How deserve to you assist them see the relevance of the gospel in everyday living? The principles below might aid you:

Invite the youth to make a list of points they have actually learned in seminary, sacrament meeting, their individual study, or various other settings. Discuss as a course exactly how all of these things relate to the plan of salvation.

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Invite the youth to tell around a favorite lesson in which they actively participated (for example, in family home evening, a residence teaching visit, a Sunday School class, or Primary). What did they perform to participate? How did their participation help them learn better? What are some other ways to take part in learning? (You can point out that making comments in class is not the only way to get involved.)

Find Out together

Don’t Pop the Balloons


Don’t Pop the Balloons is prefer hangman just not as morbid.

Place the cards confront dvery own on the chalkboard.


Ask the youth to take transforms guessing a letter of the alphabet. When a letter in the name is guessed, turn it over. If the letter is not in the name, “Pop” a balloon by taking it away. The object of the game is to guess the word prior to the balloons are all gone. I choose to compose the letter guessed on the balloon simply to remember. Publish out as many kind of balloons as you would certainly favor. I like to usage in between 8-10.

Divide the youth right into 3 teams. Give each team an examples in the scriptures of world that proactively sought to learn around the gospel.


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What principles of learning the gospel can the youth uncover as they check out around these examples? (For instance, Nephi heard what his father taught, had desires to understand for himself, and acted on those desires.) What do the youth want to learn about the arrangement of salvation? How deserve to they use these principles to overview their learning?

Learning by Faith: To Act and also Not to Be Acted Upon

Invite the youth to check out the section titled “Learning by Faith: To Act and Not to Be Acted Upon,” from Elder David A. Bednar’s article “Seek Learning by Faith.”


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Ask them to look for things Elder Bednar says they have the right to carry out to take even more duty for their gospel finding out. What will certainly they do to use his counsel to their very own efforts to learn about the plan of salvation?


Write the scripture references from this outline on the board. Invite each course member to select one to check out, searching for answers to this question: What blessings come from participating actively in learning? Ask the youth to share what they find. Invite them to individually complete the following sentence: “I setup to be more actively associated in learning the gospel by …” Ask a couple of youth to share their plans through the course.


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John 7:17 (We should do Heavenly Father’s will certainly to know His doctrine)

James 1:22 (Be doers of the word, not hearers only)

1 Nephi 10:19 (If we diligently seek fact, we will certainly uncover it)

2 Nephi 2:26 (We are to act, not to be acted upon)

D&C 50:24 (When we obtain fact and also act on it, we obtain more truth)

D&C 88:118 (We seek discovering by research and also by faith)

Doctrine and Covenants 58:26–28

Choices and Consequences

All our selections have actually aftermath. Consequences are what happen as an outcome of the selections we make. The bibles and our prophets teach us the results of our choices bereason Heavenly Father wants us to make great choices.

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Sjust how the option photo initially. Place the Consequence photo after the kids have answered the question.


What would certainly happen if you decided to stick a pin in a totally inflated balloon?


What would certainly happen if your household decided to soptimal watering a plant in your home?

A consequence is what normally happens because of an option we make; for instance, if we select to exercise playing a musical instrument, we will certainly gain better at it, and also if we pick to touch fire, we will certainly be melted. You get both the alternative and also the consequence of that choice

Invite the youth to read Doctrine and Covenants 58:26–28, looking for ways the Lord’s counsel might apply to their duty as gospel learners.


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Ask them to list some selections they must make as students (such as whether or not to make a comment in class or how to prepare spiritually for class). What are some of the after-effects of these choices?

Ask the youth to share what they learned now. Do they understand also the function of firm in discovering the gospel? What feelings or impressions perform they have? Do they have actually any added questions? Would it be worthwhile to spfinish more time on this doctrine?

Teaching tip

“Ask inquiries that need learners to uncover answers in the bibles and the teachings of latter-day prophets” (Teaching, No Greater Call <1999>, 62).

Invite to act

What have the right to the youth do to use what they learned as they examine the arrangement of salvation in their various other Church classes? How can you support them in their efforts to end up being active learners?

Share your testimony of the blessings that come from diligently seeking to learn.

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