What is the current in a second wire that delivers twice as much charge in half the time?

A wire carries a 4A current. What is the current in a second wire that delivers twice as a lot charge in fifty percent the time?

The relation in between present and also charge:

When the charge moves inside the conductor they basically start to conduct electrical energy. the relation in between the charge and also present have the right to be establimelted as:


Here charge inside the conductor is eqQ/eq

Time for which charge is allowed to flow in the conductor is eqt/eq

Given :

Current inside the initially wire is eq4 A/eq

According to question, second wire delivers twice as a lot charge compared to the first wire:


Time taken by the second wire is half the time taken by the first wire to make the charge flow:


Show expression for the current flowing in the initially wire:


Sjust how expression for the present in the second wire:


Substituting all the problems as provided in the question:

eqI_2=frac2Q_1fract_12\I_2=4left (fracQ_1t_1 ight )/eq

Solving for the existing in the second wire :

eqI_2=4 imes 4\I_2= 16 A/eq

Hence, the present with the second wire is 16 A

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