What happens if you fail a marking period in high school

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Grading procedure


Senior students

Virtual Orientation for the Class of 2024

Intro to Naviance for MHS students

How to retrieve individual belongings from lockers

Returning school items

Remote Learning Schedule: 

A and B day schedule:

Monday and Wednesday: “A” DaysTuesday and also Thursday: “B” DaysFriday: Instructional Record Up Day

Teachers will certainly use the schedule listed below for planning video discussions/instruction and also office hrs so there are no scheduling conflicts for students and various other classes.

Period 1: 8:45 -9:29 a.m.Period 2:  9:32-10:14 a.m.Period 3: 10:17-10:59 a.m.Period 4: 11:02-11:44 a.m.Period 5:  11:47 a.m. -12:29 p.m.Period 6:  12:32-1:14 p.m.Period 7: 1:17-1:59 p.m.Period 8:  2:02-2:44 p.m.Period 9: 2:47-3:29 p.m.

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Secondary Grading in the 3rd and also 4th Marking Periods and also Awarding High School Course Credit

An Informational Guide for Students & Parents/Guardians

The Monticello Central School District has actually taken careful consideration for the distinctive scenarios our students are in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This 2019-2020 grading procedure shows our effort to support the scholastic success of every student. 

Marking Period 3

Marking Period 3 ends April 21, 2020. Percentage grades will certainly be offered for the Marking Period 3 based upon the complying with criteria:

The basis for Marking Period 3 qualities will certainly consist of assignments and assessments provided/administered prior to March 12, 2020.Any added credit or the retaking of assignments or assessments will certainly be reflected in the 3rd quarter grade by course. Contact the teacher of that course with any kind of questions.

Marking Period 4

The following criteria will certainly be provided to determine Marking Period 4 qualities and awarding course credit:

Marking Period 4 assignments/assessments consist of new discovering from April 8, 2020 forward.Students will have actually an alternative of having their Marking Period 4 work assessed as Pass/Fail or via a portion grade. Students have actually till the end of Marking Period 4 to make this determicountry and will certainly be provided the possibility to inform the teacher of that course directly. Unless otherwise declared by the student, the default Marking Period 4 grade is a percentage.If the Marking Period 4 grade would certainly lower a student’s overall average, then the grade will certainly be noted, yet not offered in the all at once course average. If the grade would certainly raise the student’s as a whole average, then it will certainly be gotten in as the fourth quarter percent grade and had in the all at once course average. If a student elects to take the Pass/Fail alternative, the option will certainly be detailed, yet not supplied in the as a whole course average.A student’s cumulative or final year grade, per course, will be the average of the initially 3 quarters/noting periods, or all four quarters/marking durations, whichever before is greater.

*The over guidance does not use to College in the Classroom courses.

All Non- College Courses:

Pass/Fail Option is for the fourth quarter ONLY. Your final grade in a complete year course is determined one of two methods. 1) Average of noting periods 1-3 or 2) Typical of all 4 noting durations. Your final grade in a semester course is established by either 1) using the 3rd marking period average just or 2) averaging the third and also 4th marking period together. Teachers will certainly do whichever before is in the ideal interemainder of the student. If you didn’t have a passing average after marking periods 1-3 for a full-year course or marking period 3 for a semester course then you NEED to be completing 4th quarter work-related to pass the course.
You have actually an option of a letter grade for the course or a pass/fail for the course. Please consider the following when making this decision. A pass/fail (60 average or better is required to “pass” the course. If you select pass/fail and also you plan on attfinishing a SUNY institution then you will certainly acquire transferable crmodify. If you are planning to attend any type of other college then it is your responsibility to check with that institution in development to check out if you would acquire transferable credit. Your SCCC teachers will certainly be sfinishing out a survey about May 20th- you should choose the pass/fail alternative on that survey. If you carry out nopoint or you execute not respond to the survey then you will certainly obtain a letter grade for the course. Once qualities (ether letter grade or pass/fail grade) are gotten in at the end of the institution year in June this deserve to not be undone. 
You have an choice of a letter grade for the course or a pass/fail for the course. Please consider the complying with once making this decision. A pass/fail (65 average or greater is essential to “pass” the course. It is your responsibility to inspect with that college you are considering attfinishing in development to see if you would certainly acquire transferable crmodify. Furthermore, your SUPA teachers have actually no part in your decision, nor carry out they even recognize if you have actually liked pass/fail. It is your duty to use the connect below, weigh the pro’s and also con’s and follow the directions if you are picking the pass/fail option. If you perform nothing then you will obtain a letter grade for the course. Once qualities are gone into in June this can not be undone.

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2020 Regents/Graduation Requirements

An Informational Guide for Students and also Parents

All June and also August Regents exams are cancelled for the 2020 school year.

If you were schedubrought about take a Regents exam in June, you are exempt from the exam. That indicates that you don’t have to take it and you will certainly never before have to take it as long as you pass the course in June of 2020 or August of 2020. This applies to the following:

 If you are taking a course that ends in a Regents, you don’t take the Regents and your course grade is the average of your noting periodsIf you are in an AIS for a Regents that you formerly failed, you don’t take the Regents (not in June, not ever) you are waived from having actually to pass it currently and in the futureIf you are not in an AIS yet are schedubrought about take back a Regents exam to accomplish a graduation necessity, you are exempt and you do not need to take the Regents exam (not in June, not ever)

If you fail a course that ends in a Regents exam in June, but attfinish summer school and also pass the course, you WILL NOT need to take the Regents in August. Keep in mind that at this point we do not understand what summer institution will look like; whether it will be a conventional classroom endure or digital discovering.

If you fail a course that ends in a Regents exam in June and also perform not finish the course in summer institution, you will need to meet course requirements later. That means…WORK HARD NOW AND PASS YOUR CLASSES THIS YEAR!!!!!

Students may opt-out of Regents exemption

In a letter dated June 15 from Monticello High School Principal Stephen Wilder:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The COVID 19 pandemic has actually put a remarkable burden on our students over the previous few months. In order to ease some of this burden, the New York State Board of Regents embraced several emergency regulations to administer essential flexibility for educators and students in the wake of the extended school clocertain. With the superior worry that students may not be adequately ready, the Board of Regents canceled the June 2020 administration of the NYS Regents Examination Program.

All students in grades 7-12 during the 2019-20 school year who were intfinishing to take part in one or even more of the June or August 2020 Regents exams are exempt. Please note that students will not be compelled to take these exams at a later day in order to accomplish graduation requirements. Official high school transcripts will certainly not reflect a score for an examicountry in which a student was exempted.

Although this exemption certainly benefits many type of of our students, we identify the paramount function parental fees play in their children’s educational decisions. With this in mind, a student may “opt out” of the NYS Regents exemption and also pick to take any missed Regents Examination at a later date, in order to meet graduation requirements. If you would like to comment on the “opt out” examination alternative, or if you have actually any type of other concerns, please contact your child’s guidance counselor and we will be happy to aid.

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Senior Students

We have developed a webpage to store our senior students as much as day through all of the latest indevelopment concerning senior events. Please proceed to examine the web page for the most up-to-date information, as we will certainly be including information as it becomes obtainable. Visit the senior webpage

Virtual Orientation for the Class of 2024

Watch the video listed below for crucial information for our incoming freshman class:

View the MHS course catalog/curriculum bulletin

Intro to Naviance for MHS students

MHS students might pick up individual belongings left in lockers beginning May 19

Beginning Tuesday, May 19, Monticello High School students can retrieve any items left behind in their hallway and gym lockers as soon as the building closed on March 12. 

Students may pick up their locker items from Monday through Friday in between the hrs of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the front entrance of the high institution building. To repursuit your items, ring the bell and provide the security staff your name, locker number and also whether you have a gym or hallmeans locker. Safety staff will then retrieve your items, which have already been bagged and labeled, and lug the bags to the vestibule. You will then authorize for your items. If safety and security staff is not at the desk as soon as you arrive, please wait till they rerotate. 

All items should be retrieved by June 16.

Returning school items

MHS students have to return any type of institution items during one of our booked collection times. Examples of college items incorporate tools and chargers, textpublications, library books, calculators and any kind of various other items that are district property. 

The booked arsenal times are: 

June 17 from 12 – 5 p.m.June 18 from 12 – 7 p.m. June 19 from 12 – 5 p.m. 

Please arrive at the high school’s auditorium/gymnasium entrance and also reprimary in your auto. A institution expert will certainly collect your items from you at the curb and carry out you through a receipt.