What did t rex taste like special assignment answers

The Tasty T-Rex: How deserve to cladograms carry out proof around the anatomical similarities and differences among modern and prehistoric organisms?

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School: Carver Magnet School
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General Leschild Indevelopment
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The Tasty T-Rex: How can cladograms provide proof about the anatomical similarities and distinctions among modern and also primitive organisms?


The leschild will certainly start by students accessing their prior understanding of the anatomical similarities and differences among modern and fossil organisms by developing a Venn diagram with a companion, which will certainly compare and also contrast two organisms. Next off, students will certainly complete the online modules found at "What did T. rex Taste Like?" from the University of The golden sarkariresultonline.info Museum of Paleontology, which will certainly define how a cladogram diagram have the right to be provided to present lines of lineage and also evolutionary relationships. Students will certainly use a cladogram to infer how a T. rex is regarded modern organisms. Lastly, students will construct a created explacountry to describe the anatomical similarities and also differences in between the T. rex and also modern-day organisms based on evidence from the cladograms in a claim-evidence-thinking format.

This lesboy results from a cooperation in between the Alabama sarkariresultonline.info Department of Education and also ASTA.

Associated Standards and also Objectives Preparation Information
Content Standard(s):
Literacy Standards (6-12) LIT2010 (2010) Grade: 6-8 Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

1 ) Write arguments focused on discipline-particular content.
a. Introduce claim(s) around a topic or worry, acunderstanding and also differentiate the claim(s) from alternative or opposing claims, and also organize the factors and evidence logically.
b. Support claim(s) via logical thinking and appropriate, precise information and proof that show an knowledge of the topic or text, making use of credible resources.
c. Use words, phrases, and also clasupplies to create cohesion and also clarify the relationships among claim(s), counterclintends, reasons, and also proof.
d. Establish and also keep a formal style.
e. Provide a concluding sarkariresultonline.infoment or area that follows from and supports the discussion presented.
Science SC2015 (2015) Grade: 7 Life Science
16 ) Construct an explacountry based upon proof (e.g., cladogram, phylogenetic tree) for the anatomical similarities and differences among contemporary organisms and in between modern and also fossil organisms, consisting of living fossils (e.g., alligator, horseshoe crab, nautilus, coelacanth).

Local/National Standards:

Primary Learning Objective(s):

Students will determine and describe the anatomical similarities and also distinctions among modern-day and also fossil organisms.Students will analyze cladograms to determine theanatomical similarities and also distinctions among contemporary and also fossil organisms.Students will construct an explacountry based on proof for theanatomical similarities and distinctions among modern-day and fossil organisms.Students will certainly create an dispute concentrated on the lesson"s content by introducing a insurance claim, giving proof to assistance the case, and also utilizing scientific thinking to define exactly how the provided evidence supports the proclaimed insurance claim.

More Learning Objective(s):

Total Duration:

91 to 120 Minutes

Materials and also Resources:

Student Materials (per student)

Notebook paper

Pencil or pen

"What did the T. rex Taste Like?Module Questions

"Features Table" from the University of California Museum of Paleontology

"Cladogram and File Table Special Assignment"from the University of California Museum of Paleontology

"Claim Evidence Reasoning" Template from Digging Deep Into Science Literacy (web page one)

Webwebsite for Online Modules:"What did the T. rex Taste Like?"from the University of The golden sarkariresultonline.info Museum of Paleontology

Website Links for Acceleration Activities

"The Tree of Life Cladogram"from the Amerideserve to Museum of Natural History

"Comparative Embryology"from ck12.org

Website Links for Intervention Activities

"Terms List" for virtual module

"Phylogenetic Trees"from Khan Academy on youtube.com-10:56

Teacher Materials

"Compare and Contrast Organisms" List (to be cut into 15 slips of paper before teaching the lesson)

"What did the T. rex Taste Like? Module Questions Teacher Answer Key

"Claim Evidence Reasoning" Rubric from Digging Deep Into Science Literacy (page two)

Technology Reresources Needed:

Student Technology Resources

Internet-qualified innovation devices (iPads, Chromepublications, laptop computers, etc.)


The students will need to recognize exactly how to complete a Venn diagram for the prior to strategy of this lesson.Throughout this leschild, students will certainly be forced to navigate to a website utilizing a technical device.

Teacher Background Information:Cladistics is the the majority of prevalent method of classification, which organizes living points by their prevalent family tree and evolutionary relationships. A cladogram diagram provides usage of the observable features of organisms, which deserve to be found by studying contemporary organisms or the fossil document. This leskid will focus on using structural features to develop a simplified cladogram, however, in-depth cladograms exploit biochemical, hereditary, and behavioral functions too. Cladistics can display the fads of readjust in organisms over time and serve as a tool to predict the relationships in between organisms.

Prior to teaching the leskid, the teacher must print the"Compare and also Contrast Organisms"List and cut apart the rows right into 15 slips of paper.

This lesson was adapted from "What Did T-rex Taste Like?"from Better Lesson (a totally free account have to be developed to view the lessons). This leschild will certainly make use of the modules developed by the College of California Museum of Paleontology:"What did T. rex Taste Like?"Tright here are extra resources and also a teacher"s guide concerned the modules available on this webwebsite.

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Before Strategy/Engage: 20 minutes

1. The teacher need to divide students into partners. The teacher have to offer each partner team one slip of paper from the"Compare and Contrast Organisms"list. The teacher have the right to pass out the slips or permit students to draw slips of paper randomly.

2. Each student in a companion team should draw a Venn diagram on his or her notebook paper. Using the Venn diagram, the students have to compare and contrast the 2 organisms detailed on their slip of paper. For instance, the students who obtained the slip of paper via "Shark and Tuna" would list the similarities and differences in between these two organisms.

Note:Based on the students" prior knowledge of these organisms, the teacher might wish to job photos of the organisms on the board or enable students to look up photos and also information utilizing internet-qualified gadgets.

3. After students have had actually ample time to collaborate through their partners, the teacher should ask the students to comment on the complying with question: Do you think the two organisms are very closely related? Why or why not? The teacher may permit companion teams to share their response with their classmates.

Throughout Strategy/Explore & Explain: 45 minutes

2. The students should navigate via the initially 3 folders of the module and answer the concerns on the"What did the T. rex Taste Like? Module Questions". Students need to also complete the interactive tasks while navigating with the modules.

After Strategy/Explain & Elaborate: 45 minutes

1. Each student will require a copy of"Features Table"from the University of The golden sarkariresultonline.info Museum of Paleontology. The students must complete this table as they navigate via folder 4 of the"What did the T. rex Taste Like?"modules.

Note:The online modules enable students to self-check the correct completion of their features table.

2. For the fifth, and also last folder, of the module, each student will certainly need a copy of"Cladogram and Data Table Special Assignment" from the College of The golden sarkariresultonline.info Museum of Paleontology. The students should answer the "Special Assignment" concerns on their sheet of notebook paper, making use of their completed"Features Table"and also the"Cladogram and also File Table Special Assignment".

3. After students have had actually ample time to complete all 5 modules of"What did T. rex Taste Like?", they will certainly demonstrate their expertise through a created explanation in a claim-evidence-thinking format. The teacher will offer each student a copy of "Claim Evidence Reasoning" Template from Digging Deep Into Science Literacy (web page one). The students should write the following question the initially line of the template: "How deserve to we tell what the T. rex tasted like?" The students will certainly create a case to respond to the question, carry out proof to assistance the insurance claim, and also use scientific thinking to describe exactly how the offered evidence supports the sarkariresultonline.infod claim. Students need to insurance claim that the T-rex most likely tasted choose chicken bereason it was pertained to modern birds. Students have to carry out evidence from the information learned in the modules and their completed attribute table to support their insurance claim. Students shouldusage clinical reasoning to explain just how the proof they gave supports their case.

Formative Assessment: The teacher will certainly informally assess students" prior knowledge of the anatomical similarities and differences among modern and fossil organisms by reviewing each student"s Venn diagram in theprior to strategy.The teacher should evaluation each student"s completed module concerns to encertain the students grasped the pertinent information. The teacher need to circulate among students as they complete the digital modules to encertain students are on task and also are properly completing the interactive activities discovered on the modules.

Summative Assessment:The teacher will formally assess students by reviewing each student"s answers on the "Special Assignment" portion of the digital modules.The teacher have to determine each student"s success of the lesson"s missions by assessing the student"s claim-evidence-thinking composing making use of the rubric ("Claim Evidence Reasoning" Rubric from Digging Deep Into Science Literacy ).

Students deserve to better expand upon their expertise of the concepts taught in the time of this leskid by exploring "The Tree of Life Cladogram" from the Amerideserve to Museum of Natural History. Students can develop the abilities presented in this lesson by completing the Living Species Interenergetic "Comparative Embryology" from ck12.org.

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Students that require extra preparation before the lesson can be given a copy of the"Terms List"in order to be introduced to the crucial vocabulary words before completing the online modules. Students who need added assistance expertise cladogram diagrams introduced throughout the online modules have the right to watch the following video clip: "Phylogenetic Trees" from Khan Academy on youtube.com.

View the Special Education sources for instructional guidance in giving changes and adaptations for students via substantial cognitive disabilities who qualify for the Alabama Alternating Assessment.