Web pages are seen within a window called the _____.

precharacterized frame set
When developing a frameset, a(n) _______________ offers a visual representation of exactly how the framed window will display screen.

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framesWith _______________, a Internet page designer have the right to area aspects the user must constantly check out, such as navigation buttons and also title graphics, in static frames that do not change.
framesThe ______________ suggest the sequential numbering of frames.
AutoPlayWhen ________________ is checked, a timeline starts playing immediately when the present web page lots in a internet browser.
LoopWhen the ________________ examine box is schosen, the existing timeline loops indefinitely while the page is in the internet browser.
closed eyeA(n) _______________ suggests that an aspect is hidden.
Behaviors______ can be supplied to pause and also speak a timeline.
15 fpsThe default rate of a timeline is _______________.
timelines_______________ usage dynamic HTML to change the position of a layer of the source of an image over time or to call actions actions instantly after the web page has loaded.
keyframesStart and also sheight points are marked on a timeline by little circles dubbed _______________.
nondirect animationA(n) _______________ is animation that does not follow a directly path.
ActiveX_____ is a collection of rules for exactly how applications need to share indevelopment.
helper applicationFlash player or Shockwave viewer are examples of ________________.
.flaA ________________ file type is a compressed variation of a Flash file.
MediaTo include a Flash movie, click ________________ on the Insert menu, and then click Flash.
Splash pageA(n) _______________ mostly is composed of a default residence page that displays the Internet website logo design or some other Net site promotion.
CSS_______________ are a collection of formatting rules that manage the appearance of content in a Net page.
Web-safe colors_____ are colors that are presented effectively on the screen once someone is viewing your Net web page in a web browser.
web page title_____ helps Net website tourists keep track of what htey are viewing as they browse.
background image________ add texture and also interesting shade to a Internet page and also set the overall appearance of the document.
conventional modeIn _______, a table is presented as a grid of rows and columns.
inspect boxes____ allow the Net visitor to click a box to toggle a value to either yes or no.
pop-up menu_____ is helpful whenyou have a restricted amount of area because it occupies just a solitary line of vertical room in the create.
line checkerDreamweaver’s _______________ searcs for broken web links and unreferenced records in a part of a regional website or throughout a whole local website.
panel groups________________ are sets of associated panels docked together listed below one heading.
orphaned file____ is a record that is not linked to any web page within the Internet site.
web siteA(n) ______ is a team of related Web peras that are connected together.
pathA ____ is the succession of folders that have to be navigated to acquire from one folder to an additional.
Web service providerThe term ISP means _______________.
IP AddressA(n) _______________ is a number that uniquely identifies each computer system or tool associated to the Internet.
Publishing_______________ is the procedure of transmitting all the documents that consist of your Net website from your computer to the selected server or organize computer.
XHTML_______________ is an authoring language that specifies the structure and also layout of a document so that it displays as a Internet web page in a Net web browser.
web browserA(n) ________________ is a software program regime that repursuits a Net page, interprets the code, and displays the contents of the Web web page.
index pageA(n) ________________ generally gives information about a Net site’s function and also content.
hyperlinkA(n) _______ deserve to affix to another place in the very same Web page or site--or to an totally different Net page on a server in one more city or country.
plug-inA(n) ______ exoften tends the capcapability of a Internet web browser such as Shockwave Player, Adobe Flasher, and also Windows Media Plyer.
navigating mapA(n) ________ outlines the structure of the whole Internet website, mirroring all pperiods within the website and also the connections from one page to the others.
Property inspectorThe _____ lets you see the present properties of the schosen element.
layout modeWhen utilizing _______________, you are creating the framework for the whole table.
forms________________ are interenergetic aspects that administer a way for the Internet site visitor to connect through the website.
jumpA(n) ________________ food selection is a special type of pop-up food selection that provides options that attach to files or records.
resetHTML offers 3 fundamental forms of develop buttons: Submit, Command, and also ________________.
JavaScriptWhen a behavior is initiated, Dreamweaver provides ________________ to create the code.
.dwtThe ________________ expansion is used for Dreamweaver templates.
a:link_______ specifies the style of an unvisited attach.
templateA(n) _______________ is a pre-designed Internet web page that contains the meaning of the appearance of the web page, consisting of default font, font size, logos, images, and also backgrounds.
editable tagA(n) _______________ is the fundamental building block of a theme and also is an unlocked area.
SHIFT+ENTER______ is supplied to carry out a Line Break command.
z-indexWith the AP Div Property inspector shown, _____ determines the stacking order of the element.
open-eyeA(n) ________________ icon indicates the facet is visible.
hotspotA(n) ________________ is a designated area on a picture map that the user clicks to reason an activity to happen.
rolloverAn element in a navigation bar is dubbed a ________________ if animation takes place once you relocate the mouse guideline over the facet or click the element.
AP elementA(n) _______________ is a container that holds content such as imperiods, message, develop objects, and also various other elements.
absolute positioningWhen an aspect stays in a position family member to the optimal and left margins, regardmuch less of exactly how the Web page visitor resizes the browser home window, this is dubbed _______________.
image mapA(n) _______________ is an image that has one or even more hotspots placed on height of it.
navigation barA(n) _______________ is a set of interactive butloads that the Net site visitor provides as links to various other Net pages, Net sites, or frames.
frameA(n) ________________ is a room that acts as an independent internet browser home window and also acts independently of other regions in the home window.
framesetTo develop a frameset, click Documents on the food selection bar and then click New, and also then click Page from Sample. Then suggest to ________________ in the Classification list.
_blankThe ________________ target opens up the linked record in a new internet browser window, leaving the current home window untouched.
frameA(n) ________________ is one cell or one suggest of time in a timeline.
If a visitor accesses the Net website through a web browser that does not support frames, then the __________ code take him/her out of the framed Net website into a non-structure version.
a:hoverThe attribute_________defines the style of a attach once the computer mouse guideline moves over the connect.

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active content___________content in a Web web page that is interenergetic or dynamic.
advocacyA(n) _________ Internet website consists of content that defines a cause, opinion, question, or principle.
alternative textAlt is offered to specify _________ that shows up in location of the image for text-just browsers for for browsers that have actually been collection to downpack imeras manually.
animation barThe ___________ mirrors the duration of each object's computer animation.
little map technologyGIF and JPEG graphics usage ____________, which consists of data for eextremely pixel within a things.
ap facets panelThe __________, which is part of the CSS panel team, is advantageous in managing the facets in your document.
little bit resolutionThe _________of a picture is explained by the variety of bits offered to represent each pixel.
borderThe __________ command also mentions the width, in pixels, of the line that frames the table and its various parts.
border widthOn the residential or commercial property inspector, the __________ box specifies a width for all the boundaries in the frameset.
cellA(n) __________ is the container created once the row and also column in a table intersect.
character entities___________, one more name for character codes, permit a web browser to display special personalities.
clientA netjob-related computer is known as the hold computer, and your computer, from which you access indevelopment is recognized as the _______.
code___________ view is a hand-coding environment for composing and also modifying code.
code markerWhen you insert and aspect, a(n) ___________ appears in the record home window as a small yellow square.
colspanTo expectations throughout two cells in one row, the HTML tag would certainly be First cellSecond cell
commonAll Dreamweaver region objects and also other template associated objects are available with the Templates pop-up menu on the ______________ category of the Insert bar.
date objectThe __________ inserts the current day in the format of your preference and gives the choice of updating the date whenever you save the file.
dottedWhen a frameset is selected, all the borders of the frames within the framecollection are outlined via a(n) ___________ dotted border.
dreamweaver workspaceThe _______________ is an integrated location in which the document home window and also panels are integrated right into one bigger application home window.
editable regionA(n) ___________ is the fundamental building block of a template and also is an unlocked region.
embedding___________ a sound in a Internet page offers the Internet site visitor via regulate over the audio player.
expanded tables___________ mode temporarily adds cell pincluding and also spacing to all tables in a document and boosts the tables' borders to make modifying less complicated.
external style sheetA(n) _________________ is a solitary style sheet that is provided to produce unicreate formatting and also has no HTML code.
externalAn absolute link sometimes is referred to as a(n) _________ connect.
folders (directories)A path is the succession of __________ that need to be navigated to gain from one folder to the following.
develop buttons______________ control form operations.
develop objectA(n) _____________have the right to be a text box, examine box, radio switch, list, food selection, or various other butloads.
formattingParagraph __________ is the procedure of transforming the appearance of text.
graphics interadjust formatGIF is an acronym for _________.
headerThe _________, mostly situated at the peak of the page, deserve to contain logos, imperiods, or message that identifies the Net website.
html styles_____________ are a attribute within Dreamweaver that a Web page developer can usage to apply formatting alternatives conveniently and also conveniently to text in a Internet web page.
internetThe _____________ is a worldwide netjob-related, connecting countless computers.
invisible facet markerWhen you insert and also align a picture into a document home window, Dreamweaver have the right to display a(n) __________ that reflects thel ocation of the placed picture within the HTML code.
javaAn applet is a small program written in _________.
joint photographics skilled groupJPEG is the acronym for ___________.
regional siteA(n) __________ is a collection of files on your local disk that correspond to documents on a remote site.
low srcThe ___________ box in the Property inspector mentions the picture that should be loaded prior to the main photo.
media objects____________ are records that have the right to be shown or executed within HTML papers or in a stand-alone fashion.
menu barThe ____________ displays the Dreamweaver menu names.
no resizeThe ___________ check box of the Property inspector for a fram specifies whether the user deserve to adjust the framework size by dragging the framework border.
no wrapIf the ___________ building is schosen and the text will certainly not fit within the cell, the cell and table will certainly expand to accommoday the message.
optional regionA(n) ___________ allows the content developer show or hide content on a page-by-web page basis.
page layout_____________ is the process of arvarying the text, imeras, and other aspects on the page.
page propertiesYou can modify the default properties of a Internet web page by using the _____________ dialog box.
playClick the __________ button will certainly resume a stopped slide display presentation.
portalA(n) __________ web website gives a variety of Internet solutions from a single, convenient area.
article methodThe _____________ of create handling is effective because it sends out the information to teh application as conventional input via no limits.
publishTo prepare a Web site and also make it accessible for others to watch requires that you _____________ your website by putting it on a Web server for public access.
radio buttons___________ administer a set of alternatives from which the user can choose just one button.
remote siteA(n) ______________ are papers on a server that make up a Web site from the author's point of see.
scaleOn the Flash Text Property inspector, ___________ determines how the object fits into the dimensions collection in the W and also H fields.
show-hide elementsDreamweaver consists of 2 standard events designed expressively for functioning via elements: Swap Image and also ______________.
site mapThe _____________ is a graphical representation of the framework of a Net site.
synchronizeAs part of publishing and also keeping your site using Dreamweaver, you ___________ the regional and also remote sites.
targetFrame names show up only in the ___________ pop-up menu once you are editing and enhancing a file within a framecollection.
message fieldA(n) _____________ is a form object which users enter a solution.
textareaThe ___________ button on the Insert Bar Forms Category provides a multi-line text enattempt area.
timelines panelTo remove an Animation channel, select it in the _____________, right click the Animation channel, and then click Delete on the context menu.
timelines panel playbackAfter developing a timeline, yo deserve to pevaluation it in Dreamweaver by making use of the ____________ alternatives.
typography_______________ is the appearance and arrangement of the characters that comprise your message on a Internet web page.
validate formThe _________________ habits verifies that the user has gone into data into each designated field.
vector______________ imeras are created of essential points and paths, which define forms and coloring instructions.

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internet pageUsers access Internet resources, such as message, graphics, sound, video, and multimedia through a(n) _________________.