Torrance test of creative thinking directions manual and scoring guide

Title:Torrance Tests for Creative Thinking – Verbal & Figural (TTCT)
Author:Torrance, E. Paul.

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Year:1990 – 2008
Description:The Torrance Tests of Creativity Thinking (TTCT) is designed to determine and also evaluate imaginative potential making use of 2 components – a Verbal test and a Figural test.The Verbal test consists of salso subtests – Asking, Guessing Causes, Guessing Consequences, Product Improvement, Unusual Uses, Unusual Questions, and Just Suppose. Subtests are scored on the basis of fluency, flexibility, and also originality (via a score on elaboration as optional), and also these scores are accumulated throughout all subtests. The totals might be converted to traditional T scores if normative referral is desired.The Figural test has actually three subsets – Picture Construction (from a marked cue), Picture Completion (aget through cues), and also Parallel Lines. The first of these subtests is scored on originality and elaboration while the remainder are scored on fluency, versatility, originality, and also elaboration. Totals are then gathered throughout subtests to carry out all at once scores for Figural fluency, versatility, originality, and elaboration. These scores, as in the Verbal test, deserve to be converted to a traditional T score.

The tests are game-prefer to catch children’s interests. The scoring of the tests is by hand and call for cautious attention to the manual for reliable results. However before, “streamlined” guides are accessible and are helpful in arising better familiarity through the test and also its scoring actions. Grades K with graduate institution.

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Period Range:Both Children and Adults
Inventory:2 Complete Kits – 1 Verbal & 1 Figural (Kits in knapsack)

1 Verbal Form A & Verbal Form B kit
$3.00 (sold as a set with Scoring Worksheet)40 Scoring Worksheets2 Class Record Sheet – Verbal2 Computer Scored Answer Sheet – Verbal1 Examiner’s Kit
$50.00– Envelope (1 card) via Activities 1-3, Verbal Form A– Envelope (1 card) through Activities 1-3, Verbal Form B– 1 Monkey stuffed toy– 1 Elephant stuffed toy

1 Figural Form A & Figural Form B kit
$3.00 (marketed as a set via Scoring Worksheet)40 Streamlined Scoring Worksheets2 Class Record Sheet – Figural2 Computer Scored Answer Sheet – Figural

Location:1) BSB 160G
Notes:1) The abbreviated version of this test is the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA)
Publisher:Scholastic Testing Service, Inc.
Qualification Level:Level A or 3
Test Category:Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude


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