To educate a man in mind and not in morals

Putney High School is just one of the UK's leading colleges, through a reputation for providing the obstacle of a wealthy and wide education and learning for bideal girls aged 4 – 18.

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The best colleges are fun, supportive and also inspirational settings for young enquiring minds. Putney High School is all of that and also even more. We believe that thinking should be “out of the box”, not “tick the box” and our contagious passion for discovering implies we accomplish more than excellent results: we develop confident, creative thinkers and deliver an education that is truly pertinent to their future.

We think that childhood is a time to check out. Our pupils take a passionate interemainder in the human being around them within a nurturing, happy and stimulating setting.
Putney High School has actually been skilled in educating girls for over 125 years, which suggests we deserve to draw on a riches of suffer in how girls learn best.
Our Sixth Form has actually been designed to create an environment closer to university level study, encouraging girls to push their learning and also look to the future.

Our students gain learning new interests and making friends for life, nurtured and urged within a sort and down-to-earth community. They leave us through the character, confidence and also the resourcefulness to make their mark in the world, equipped via the understanding and real-world abilities to offer them the edge.

Putney pupils are spirited, colorful and also learn to think for themselves, but they likewise know how to have fun, and also a lot of importantly, to really gain their time at institution.


There’s always a lot going on at Putney. From inspirational talks and musical performances, to careers fairs, dramatic productions and prizeoffering.

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Here are those important dates for your diary.

To educate a perkid in the mind however not in morals is to educate a menace to society- Teddy Roosevelt


Achieving academic excellence for all students is at the very core of any kind of school’s purpose, and will certainly increate a lot of what they do. The amount of time and maybe planning that goes right into schemes of work, distribution of lessons or provision of expansion activities is always a sight to behost and a joy to be a part of at Putney.

Yet, as the quote from Roosevelt over argues, such academic excellence is not produced in a vacuum. The emphasis in any kind of institution, and also especially one through students as ambitious as those at Putney, need to be on offering students via a moral frame upon which they might build their intellectual worths.

Character education is not a new thing, extfinishing as it does ago to the occupational of Aristotle. Yet it can be argued that the pursuit of success in schools in more recent years has actually sshould put the cart before the horse. In driving students to think of success solely in regards to exam qualities and also university areas, pressure is produced that can often be respond to intuitive to student well- being and also scholastic development.

Schools have to execute even more to provide students with the devices essential to reflect on what type of perchild they desire to be and also, even more importantly, how they can go about fulfilling such ambition. At Putney this is firmly embedded not just in our PSHE programme, however as a foundation of our teaching exercise. Providing time for students to take into consideration locations such as what it suggests to job-related with virtue, what moral framefunctions they want to view built, or the prominence of humility, is integral to our teaching.

As component of our work-related in this regard, Putney freshly hosted our extremely very own TEDx conference. Students listened to a selection of outstanding speakers over a broad spectrum of topics; from diversity in politics to the prestige of work-related life balance. One such talk put the concern of character at the exceptionally centre of the conversation, sparking an amazing conflict and also conversation via the presenter, Lorraine Abbott.

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It is necessary that we get the atmosphere in a college appropriate. If we produce confident students who look past the classroom and also really consider the positive facets of character they would certainly prefer to construct,the stage will certainly be well set for their academic success.