They say that these are not the best of times

A track from Billy Joel"s fourth album, "Summer, Highland Falls" is about manic depression. He wrote it in 1975 in the time of a transitional period in his life when he was moving back to New York after spending the previous 3 years in California. At a Howard Stern town hall occasion in 2014, Joel explained: "It was even more about manic depression than depression. That song was around a connection that wasn"t really functioning out. It was incredibly disappointing - you want everything to work out and also when it does not, how execute you attend to that?"
Joel created the music to reflect the highs and lows of manic depression. The song has actually a musical piano theme: the left hand also plays the "depression" component, going progressively up and down, while the best hand is the "manic" part, playing a bouncy little bit. "It actually explains manic depression in the music," claims Joel.
Many yearbooks have actually been filled through the opening lines to this song:They say that these are not the ideal of timesBut they"re the only times I"ve ever knownIt"s a really inexplicable song in that the title doesn"t appear in the lyric and also there"s no chorus. This limited its hit potential, but the song has actually endured as a favorite for many type of of Joel"s ardent fans.

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JumpVan Halen

Van Halen"s initially #1 hit was "Jump," an unexplained song for the band also bereason the lead instrument was synthesizer, not guitar.

ToxicBritney Spears

"Toxic" was the most-searched song on Google in 2004 and also helped Spears come to be the most-searched artist that year, a title she hosted from 1999-2001.

You Don"t Kcurrently How It FeelsTom Petty

MTV reversed the word "joint" in Tom Petty"s "You Don"t Known How It Feels" so it was unintelligible, yet provided the video a VMA anyway.

Beautiful LoserBob Seger

Bob Seger"s "Beautiful Loser" was influenced by a book written by Leonard Cohen dubbed Beautiful Losers.

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With Arms Wide OpenCreed

Scott Stapplication of Creed wrote "With Arms Wide Open" as soon as he discovered out he was going to be a dad. He called his kid Jagger.

Don"t You (Forget About Me)Simple Minds

The prom scene in Pretty in Pink was shot to "Don"t You (Forobtain About Me)," yet "If You Leave" was used in the film. That"s why the dancers are out of time with the music.

Thomas DolbySongwriter Interviews

He wrote "She Blinded Me With Science" so he might direct a video clip about a home for deranged scientists.

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Kooper created Lynyrd Skynyrd, played via Dylan and the Stones, and also formed BS&T.

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