The same people are tested and retested over a period of years in a

Developpsychological psychology
the branch of psychology pertained to via physical
Zygotethe fertilized egg
Embryothe occurring prenatal organism from around 2 weeks with 2 months after conception.

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Fetusthe emerging prenatal humale from 9 weeks after conception to birth.
Teratogensare any kind of drugs
Fetal alcohol SyndromeA syndrome that describes the physical and cognitive abnormalities that hefty drinking by a pregnant womale might reason in the arising son.
Rooting reflexThe newborn's tendency
Habituationthe decreasing responsiveness to a stimulus that is repeatedly presented. Also supplied as a straightforward form of finding out used to research infant cognition.
MaturationThis describes the biological development processes that permit orderly changes in behavior and also are fairly unaffected by endure or other eco-friendly determinants.
Schemasare mental ideas that organize and also analyze indevelopment. They are discovered in Piaget's theory of cognitive development
Assimilationrefers to interpreting a new endure in terms of an existing schema.In Piaget's theory.
Accommodationdescribes transforming an existing schema to incorporate brand-new indevelopment that cannot be assimilated.In Piaget's theory.

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Cognitionrefers to the psychological processes connected through thinking
Sensorimotor stageIn Piaget's theory of cognitive stages
Object permanenceis the awareness that things perform not cease to exist once not regarded.This creates throughout the sensorimotor stage
Preoperational stageIn Piaget's concept lasts from around 2 to 6 or 7 years of age. Throughout this stage
ConservationThe principle that properties such as number
EgocentrismIn Piaget's concept describes the challenge that preoperational youngsters have in considing another's viewallude. "Ego" implies "self" erring and also "centrism" indicates "in the center"; the preoperational son is "self-centered."
Concrete operational stageThe phase lasting from around periods 6 or 7 to 11
Formal operational stageIn Piaget's concept generally begins around age 12. Throughout this stage
Stranger anxietyThe fear of strangers that babies begin to screen at about 8 months of age.
AttachmentAn emotional tie via one more person
Critical periodThe limited time quickly after birth during which an organism need to be exposed
ImprintingThe procedure whereby particular animals create attachments beforehand in life
Basic trustAccording to Erikson is a feeling that the human being is predictable and reliable - a principle that infants form if their demands are met by responsive careoffering.
Self-conceptA person's feeling of identification and also individual worth.
AdolescenceThis describes the life stage from puberty to independent adulthood
PubertyThe early on adolescent duration of sexual maturation
Key sex characteristicsThe body structures (ovaries
Secondary sex characteristicsThe nonreabundant sexual characteristics
MenarcheThe initially menstrual duration.
IntimacyIn Erikson's concept is the capability to create close
MenopauseThe cessation of menstruation and commonly occurs in the early on fifties. It additionally refers to the biological and also emotional changes proficient during a woman's years of decreasing ability
Alzheimer's diseaseA gradual and irreversible brain disorder caused by deterioration of
neurons that produce acetylcholine. It is characterized by a progressive loss of memoryreasoning
Cross-sectional studyIn this research world of different ages are compared via one one more.
Longitudinal studyIn this examine the very same human being are tested and retested over a period of years.

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Crystallized intelligencedescribes those elements of intellectual ability
Fluid intelligencerefers to a person's capability to factor speedily and also abstractly. Fluid intelligence has a tendency to decrease through age.
Social clockdescribes the culturally wanted timing of social events