The question is not what you look at but what you see

As we journey out right into the civilization each day we encounter assorted avenues, experiences, images and human being in the cosmos and also it is the mindful observer who takes the moment to truly observe the wonder and promise of every little thing roughly them. It is fascinating to realize that as we walk the same roadways, swim the very same waters and also float via our days that each of us is holding a distinct understand of the people. The feather floating in the water as the kayaker slides by might be worthy of a photo and provoke thoughts of a mother’s words of wisdom that “when times are uncertain, float until you understand what direction you wish to take,” while this very same feather may never be viewed by the boaters intent on the thrill of rate that never before see what small miracles the water holds.

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We have actually all heard the phrases “eincredibly picture tells a story” and “a snapshot is worth a thousand also words,” however what is special about Thoreau’s quote is that we are all provided the possibility to see the world via our distinct eyes of experience and also that if we take the time to truly speak we might be amazed at what our eyes are really seeing. Do we actually view through the eyes of our loved ones their wishes, desires and disappointments or carry out we just view our interpretation of what we suppose others are experiencing? Does a picture of morning tranquility that brings a feeling of contented bliss to one individual represent loneliness to another? If human being viewing the exact same imeras do not understand the story behind the photo, does it issue what the story is if tright here is something in the photo that speaks to your inner heart, feeling of humor or curiosity around the world? Years ago I spent a wonderful day with my mommy at the Detroit Zoo and, while when I look at these imeras I think of the wonderful laughter common through my mother that day, others may see pets through a sense of humor or nature trying to sfinish the people a message.


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As we endure the civilization and also share it through those approximately us or through the civilization with blogs and Instagram, it is at times difficult to expush the meaning of what we encounter and how it represents our view of the human being, however as we share through each other it is impressive to check out the civilization via so many type of various eyes. Sharing photos that say something around who we are (love of finding out and dreams of traveling to Europe), the curious eyes in which we check out the civilization, the simple things we enrespond to, and also unmeant surprises, favor a loss scarecrow that reminds you of all the times you and also your mother watched among the greatest movie scenes ever before made, carry out a wonderful reminder of all the magical things waiting for us to take notice.