The practice of limiting work output in order to create more jobs

GI Bill
a bill that gave loans to veterans to aid them start businesses, buy residences, and attfinish college
clsoed shopthe exercise of forcing organization owners to hire just union members
right-to-job-related lawslegislations which outlawed union shops
union shopshops in which brand-new employees were compelled to join the union
featherbeddingthe exercise of limiting work output in order to produce even more jobs
"Do-Nothing Congress"the name President Truguy gave to the REpublideserve to Congress
Fair Dealthe name offered to PResident Truman's programs
dynamic conservatismthe plan of balancing economic conservatism with some activism
Federal Highmethod Actlaw that provided resources for the structure of interstate highways
John Kenneth Galbraitheconomist that publimelted The Affluent Society
white-collarkind of ojbs that execute not involve physical labor in industry
blue-collarkind of jobs that involve physical labor
multinational corporationshuge corporations that expanded overseas
franchisea business in which a perchild owns and also runs one or a number of stores of a chain operation
David Riesmansociologist who created The Lonely Crowd
Levittownamong the earliest suburbs in the United States
baby boomthe moment between 1945 and also 1961 as soon as an extra than 65 million children were born
Jonas STalkresearch study scientist that developed a vaccine that prevented polio
Ed Sullivanorganize of a selection home
Alan Freeda radio disc jockey who presented AFrican Amerideserve to rhythm and blues records to white radio stations
Elvis Presleythe initially rock'n'roll hero
generation gapa social separation in between children and also their parents
JAck Kerouaca beat writer
Little RichardAfrican American rock'n'roll singer
poverty linea figure the government collection to reflect the minimum income required to support a family
Michael Harringtonwriter who wrtoe The Other America which reported on poverty in the United STates
urban renewalform of program that tried to get rid of pverty by tearing dvery own slums and structure high-ride buildings for negative residents
Bracero programa regime that grought numerous Mexicans to the United STates