The people will not revolt. they will not look up from their screens

"The world will certainly not rebellion. They will not look up from their display screens long enough to alert what’s happening" - George Orwell

This is something I heard somewright here "if you enslave a mans body, his mind will certainly rebellion. If you enservant a mans mind, his body will certainly sucount follow" kinda fits with this, to me at least

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This is not a quote from George Orwell. It shows up to be from a current adaptation of 1984 right into a play through new dialogue.

Thank you. I didn't think it was and also you aided me win an debate w/o reading the whole book for the 3rd time!

In Orwell's 1984 they weren't allowed to turn off the displays. In our culture we deserve to turn them off whenever before we like, or not even very own one at all. You don't have to use Facebook, or whatever before application we're considering Orwellian this week. We don't need to watch Fox News, or TV at all. That displays exist in Orwell's 1984 and also displays exist in our culture doesn't make our society Orwellian.

The problem was the totalitarian system behind the screens, not the presence of the screens. People deserve to badmouth Trump all they want without finishing up in Room 101 via a rat cage strapped to their heads. No one was tortured or bconsumed for saying Obama sucked.

People deserve to badmouth Trump all they desire without ending up in Room 101 with a rat cage strapped to their heads. No one was tortured or bconsumed for saying Obama sucked.

True, yet Guantanamo exists together with black sites where world are dragged and tortured without conviction. They deserve to then be released years later on because they were innocent via their memories classified so they can't talk around it. If they weren't radicalised before I'm willing to bet some are after.

I guess I've gone off on a tangent however this is a pretty fucked up culture.

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Who states, that we just arrived the "1984" Orwell describes? A lot of carriers i.e. pressure their employes to continue to be virtual 24/7. They pressure them to answer a speak to, also at the weekfinish. Maybe we carry out not have the Orwell-year "1984" yet, perhaps we are still in 1978. Generation Y and Z won't be mindful of these developments any even more, bereason they are used to the "standing quo" they are grown up with. We will watch ...

Let's be fair though. A huge part of the reason that world won't revolt is bereason even more likely than not, it would certainly have to devolve right into violence pretty damn easily. I don't blame people for wanting to have actually faith that the system have the right to still occupational without resorting to bloodshed.

This is exactly what being a moderate is. While they may be resistant to adjust, they likewise proccasion the country from being torn acomponent politically.

You're missing the allude. It's not the innovation that's negative. It's that civilization are also easily distracted to view what's going on in front of them.

Has anyone thmust look at the e-book variation of 1984 and also verify that the quote actually appears there? I just looked at 2 different versions and also it is not there.

EDIT: yeah, I see someone did that. I'm sure Orwell would have actually somepoint to say around the near-global acceptance on the Net of the authenticity of this quote.

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