The pendulum introduction to harmonic motion phet lab answers

Play through one or 2 pendulums and also discover just how the duration of a straightforward pendulum depends on the size of the string, the mass of the pendulum bob, and the amplitude of the swing. It"s basic to measure the duration making use of the photogate timer. You deserve to vary friction and also the strength of gravity. Use the pendulum to uncover the worth of g on world X. Notice the anharmonic actions at huge amplitude.

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PendulumPeriodic Motion

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Deauthorize experiments to define how variables affect the movement of a pendulumUse a photogate timer to determine quantitatively how the duration of a pendulum relies on the variables you describedDetermine the gravitational acceleration of Planet XExsimple the Conservation of Mechanical Energy concept making use of kinetic energy and gravitational potential energyDescribe Energy Chart from position or selected speeds.

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