The maine media workshop is similar to , because the people who take classes there learn by doing.

B&H wasn"t the just photographic college to celebprice its 40th anniversary last year. The venerable Maine Media Workshops did so, also. In this write-up, Gabriel Biderguy, from B&H, chats with Elizabeth Greenberg, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Maine Media Workshops and also College, around the distinctive suffer their workshops administer.

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Let"s obtain to understand you much better, Elizabeth. What"s your background in photography and the arts?

I was around fourteenager when I woke up one day and determined I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. I was fortunate that my uncle had been a photography buff, so that incredibly day he erected his darkroom for me, took me to the photo store to buy film, paper, and also chemicals, and from that point I was off and also running. Making pictures and functioning in the darkroom were the just things I wanted to do—all the time. I gone after a degree in photography in college, and then collection off on my course as a photographer. I invested ten years in New York, initially working for Arnold Newmale, and also then working through Judd Pilossof in his food-photography studio. During that time, I remained affiliated via the Maine Media Workshops, and also had begun teaching, so I determined to pursue my MFA and transition gears from commercial occupational to education.


How lengthy have actually you been via MMW?

Well, now I will certainly date myself... I spent my initially summer after college as an intern at the Workshops, and have been connected ever considering that. This will now be my 2fifth summer!

What amazing transforms have actually you checked out over this time?

Wow... lots! Of course, photography and photo making have been with so much advancement in the previous 25 years, there have been plenty of brand-new courses, brand-new faculty, and brand-new facilities. We have actually always offered photography and filmmaking, so the convergence of the 2, many thanks to the new technology, has actually been a natural shift in offerings for us. It is likewise so amazing to see how the new innovation merges through the old. Gabe, I think I’ve viewed you in the alt pro lab making platinum prints from digital negatives of imperiods swarm on your iPhone, it is just so cool! One point that hasn’t readjusted, though, is that MMW stays a neighborhood of people passionate about making pictures, telling stories, being artistic, and having actually fun.

The Maine Media campus is situated in the little seaside tvery own of Rockport. Why was this location preferred, and also what deserve to a student mean of the Maine environment?

Rockport is a very special location, truly one of the many beautiful harbors on the coastline of Maine. Our bordering town, Camden, is known as the area wbelow the mountains accomplish the sea, so tbelow is excellent geographical diversity. We are simply remote enough that being right here allows you to feel prefer you have acquired ameans from all the hassle of your daily life, and you have the right to emphasis on your creative thinking. We’re in an extremely 21st-century way... we are entirely connected with high–speed fiber optic, yet still, at the same time, we place excellent value on being gathered together as a neighborhood, having actually great conversations, and also sharing.


Now, I have actually my favorite chowder house and coffee shop that I must visit while I"m attending the workshops. Talk to me around the neighborhood vibe in the Rockport and also Camden area, which definitely has actually that Maine charmbut via an arty twist, and just how much carry out you feel this has been influenced by the school?

I regularly joke that I think there may be even more photographers and also filmmachines per capita right here in the Rockport location than tright here are in NYC, mostly as a result of all the world who have actually went to the workshops over the years and also made a decision, like me, to speak to this place house. Historically, the midcoast of Maine has actually been a haven for artists for centuries, from painters, to sculptors, writers and also, of course, photographers and filmmachines. It is a culturally well-off area, through no finish of avenues and experiences for those interested in the arts. Great food too!

As much as I understand, MMW was the first of its sort to offer week-lengthy workshops from a veritable "who"s who" in the photo world. I remember sitting at lunch at the Maine campus and also seeing Arnold Newman for the initially time, and being star struck. But he was incredibly approachable and loved coming as much as Maine; it seemed choose his second family members. Give us a small of the background of the workshops: what various other luminaries have taught, and that are you looking forward to functioning with?

Well, Maine wasn’t the first to offer week-lengthy workshops, however is definitely the longest running photography workshop regimen. Just last year we had a student refer to us as “The Mothership!” I recontact so clearly my reaction the first time I witnessed a directory for the workshops, the lineup of faculty check out like a veritable “who’s who” of photography: Arnold Newmale, Joyce Tennechild, Eugene Richards, Mary Ellen Mark, Paul Caponigro. When I observed the list of every one of my “photo heroes,” I had actually no question that I had actually to be right here, as well. The list of luminaries over the years is extraordinary: Ernst Haas, Arno Minkkinen, Duane Michals, Sally Mann, Greg Heisler, Joe McNally, and also so many kind of even more. The faculty list simply keeps thriving, and this year, in photography, we"re so excited to welcome Marco Grob, Susan Burnstine, Jennifer Schwartz, Jessica Hines, Gordon Stetinnius, Lydia Panas... I can go on and on!

And that does not incorporate the filmmakers that have actually taught and also teach below as well; it"s simply a list of the photographers. Over the years, some of the the majority of extremely acclaimed directors, cinematographers, and also editors have actually additionally taught at the workshops: Billy Williams, Vilmos Zsigmond, and Ralph Rosenbloom are simply a couple of.


Have you had actually any kind of well known students that have come out of your program, either the workshops or the college?

We have actually a number of alums from our programs who have actually gone on to highly successful and also significant careers, and also I am certain many more we carry out not recognize of. One of our most sought-after instructors, Cig Harvey, started as a student in our Professional Certificate program and also completed her MFA via us. She is, of course, currently well-known around the world and also publiburned her first monograph, “You Look at Me Like an Emergency,” in 2012. Jim Krantz, that was the Lucie Awards 2010 Internationwide Photographer of the Year, additionally studied at the workshops early on in his career as a resident student, and also has actually ongoing to come earlier for workshops over the years. The Academy Award-winning cinematographer Rusoffer Carpenter, DP on Titanic, was likewise when a student below.

This year we are thrilled that Zach Zamboni will be teaching a brand-new workshop via us: "Camera in Action." Zach studied cinematography at the workshops and has actually gone on to win 3 Prime Time Emmy Awards for Nonfiction Cinematography. He has swarm even more than 70 episodes of the highly effective take a trip series, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Woody Allen’s editor loved it here so a lot, he asked to be hidden here. There"s a marker on campus for Ralph Rosen’s ashes.

I remember first seeing an ad for "The Workshops," as they were referred to as ago in the day, and the photo was striking, in a straightforward way, and also has stuck with me over these two decades. It was a Holga image of a young boy in an inner tube. I was shooting via the majority of excellent plastic cameras at the moment and I thought it was really cool that tbelow was a location that readily available classes not only through toy cameras, but likewise concentrating heavily on historical and also different procedures. Maine Media Workshops still uses many type of of these classes that difficulty the student to interpret their work-related in a unique means. Can you share some of these classes, and what one could suppose to obtain out of them?

We have actually a viewpoint throughout every one of our courses, consisting of the more technical ones, to aid students discover their creative voices. The workshop experience is all about tapping into one’s creative side, taking creative dangers, and also learning in an intensive and also immersive environment. Our faculty is not just highly skilled and proficient in their particular areas, but additionally very knowledgeable and also competent in leading students through the procedure of imaginative and individual growth.


The Maine Media Workshops just announced the summer and also fall workshops. How many kind of classes are you giving throughout the summer?

There are cshed to 350 different workshops that will certainly be available, throughout every one of our programs, this summer and also autumn.

What"s the variety?

I am so excited about the diversity we have actually in this year’s program! Tbelow are several methods for discovering the basics in our core classes, from "Introductory Digital Photography," to “seeing” classes, such as "Photographer’s Eye" and "Vision and also Discoexceptionally." We have actually a wonderful lineup of other courses via many brand-new portraiture classes, digital printing, studio lighting, and also fine art workshops.

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This year we re-envisioned the filmmaking regimen too, adding two brand-new eight-week intensives in cinematography and also the essentials of film manufacturing, new sequences for authors and also directors, and also a really dynamic documentary track. We lassist out the schedule this year so that a student may come for one week, or put together a sequence of classes for all over from 2 to twelve weeks.

It has actually been a busy winter on campus, and also we are virtually finished via the renovation of our Haas labs, which will be a brand-new Publication Arts and Alternative Processes studio. We have actually numerous brand-new classes on facets of the handmade book, from Letterpress and also typography courses, to binding, and also book design. In Alteraboriginal Processes, we have actually a full summer of one-week workshops in assorted alternate processes, consisting of tri–color gum, platinum printing, and the collodion procedure.

I"m a huge fan of the workshops, and also have actually been taking classes tbelow for the last ten years. What I"ve discovered distinctive over the years has actually been the diversity of the students also. We learn from the teachers yet additionally from our peers. It"s like art camp for all periods. You seem to gain students from anywhere the human being, and also anyone from 20 to 80 years old. Do you have actually many repeat students?

Eexceptionally year about 30% of our students are returning alums. It is so great to be able to build relationships over time and also witness just how people’s work-related has grown and also their careers have evolved and also blossomed. Our students array from age 14 in our Young Artists Program, to students in their 70s, 80s and 90s! It is so inspiring to be in such a varied area, where everyone is focused on creative expansion, no matter their age.


Do they stay for more than simply a one week workshop?

Many kind of execute, and also we have one-of-a-kind summer residency and extensive programs. In photography, we market a 12-week Residency that we are able to tailor to each student’s distinctive interests. Students in the 12-week job-related through our regime staff to setup for 8 weeks of workshops in their preferred area, and then will certainly have 4 weeks of one-on-one mentorship via among our resident faculty. It is a great opportunity to build a solid body of work-related, while finding out brand-new abilities and also approaches, surrounded by other photographers. We additionally simply introduced 2 brand-new intensives in the film regime. One is an 8-week cinematography Intensive, and also tright here is a 12 -week cinematography Intensive in the fall. The second 8-week extensive is the Essentials of Production, wbelow students learn the ins and also outs, and also all elements of what it takes to make a film. These brand-new film tracks have been targeted to students studying communications, or film theory, that want to understand more around the company of film manufacturing and have opportunities to get manual experience and also satisfy professionals functioning in the field.

Plus, there"s the Young Artists program. Share just how adolescents have the right to be associated via the workshops.

I love the Young Artists program! For eight weeks during the summer, we have actually a routine dedicated  especially to high institution students, aged 14 to 18. We market a full array of courses, from intro to digital or darkroom photography, scholastic portfolio development, and also filmmaking, to even more advanced and specialized courses in different procedures, studio photography, and filmmaking for excessive sporting activities. There are pre-college tracks available, and students may earn one crmodify per week in workshops. All of us look forward to the weeks that the Young Artists Program is running. It just adds a wonderful level of vibrancy to the campus, and they make extraordinary work that inspires us all!

 What various other activities does MMW sell to students while they are there?

We have actually lots going on here on campus throughout the summer and loss. Each week during the summer, we have the Arnold Newman Masters Lecture series on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We organize these presentations in the Rockport Opera Housage, and also welcome the regional community to attfinish as well. Each night, faculty who are teaching that week provide presentations around their work-related and their careers. It is a distinct treat to have the ability to hear exactly how these accomplished artists have actually occurred their imaginative voices, and also just how they have actually made a successful career of it. I still learn something brand-new eexceptionally night!

In addition to the lecture series, we have our gallery, which is just down the street from the opera residence. We will have amazing exhibits all summer lengthy, including one via Paul Caponigro. Of course, among my favorite points to execute is to visit Tim Whelan and his booksave, which we are delighted to have actually situated in our gallery. No visit to Rockport is complete without popping in to have an excellent chat via Tim, and also look via all the impressive photography books he has.

Tright here will be one-of-a-kind occasions all seakid lengthy. We’ll hold a grand also opening for the brand-new Publication Arts and Alteraboriginal Process Studio, on June 12th. In July, we are looking forward to our 10 x 10 event, which will certainly market an opportunity to add to your art arsenal via prints from an international range of artists and also will certainly also market a selection if restricted edition prints.

For the film buffs, we are holding an “Inside the Actors Studio” event at the Strand also Theater in Rockland also, on August sixth.


Let"s emphasis on the school"s framework. There"s a darkroom, computer workspaces, print labs, and also a video stage. What other infrastructure carry out you need to sell to the students that attfinish a workshop?

As I mentioned above, we are all excited around the new Book Arts and also Alternative Process studio that we will certainly be opening this summer. In addition, we do have one more complete darkroom that offers both a gang job-related room, and also personal darkrooms for more progressed students, three dedicated digital labs, a full 2,400-square-foot sound stage, and the 5,000-square-foot photo studio just down the road that we work in during the summer months. Let’s not forget the tent, wbelow we share every one of our meals all set by our remarkable chef, David Coyle! In so many kind of means, I think the tent is among the most well-known spots on campus!

Is tright here loaner equipment, or perform students need to carry their own gear?

Thanks to our great sponsors and their support, we have actually a wonderful selection of devices for students to inspect out and also occupational through in the time of their workshops. We have a good selection of Canon camages and also lenses, and printers obtainable with our Digital Service Department. We likewise have Zeiss lenses (through both Canon and also Nikon mounts) that students can inspect out. Our digital classrooms are outfitted through Epboy and Canon printers. In the filmmaking location, we likewise have several good electronic camera and also lighting gear from Arri, Panavision, Sony, Manfrotto, and also Anton Bauer.

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What various other classes or programs carry out you have actually for someone brand-new to the photo/video world, or someone that desires to take it to the following level?

This year, we totally revised our multimedia track for those interested in making the leap from stills to video. Tright here are particular courses in Audio Storytelling, Audio & Image, Video for Photographers (via DSLR cameras), and also the DSLR Storytelling workshops, wbelow a student learns the art of storyinforming and also exactly how to put all the aspects of stills, video and audio together. For those students aspiring to careers as artists and also working experts in the people of media arts, we additionally have actually a 30-week Professional Certificate in Visual Storyinforming. This program has a core curriculum that contains still photography, video and multimedia, with electives, such as different processes. Students learn just how to tell a story, whether it"s through individual imaginative expressions or documentary.

There"s a particular alattract and also magic to the Maine Media Workshops. I remember coming as much as Maine with my dad. He took Sean Kernan"s Creativity and also the Photographer course that week, and also he was transcreated and totally re-energized from the experience. Can you share the magic that you have competent or seen?

Ahh.. well, the finest way I think I can share the magic is to invite you to Rockport! Tright here are several components that make up the magic: from good faculty, motivating courses, a beautiful area, a area of people all passionate about making imeras and also informing stories. And, well... excellent food!