Tenacity is considered to be an important leadership characteristic because:

Tovar (2016) defines volatility as a brutal boost in 4 dimensions of the changes that we face today: the kind, rate, volume, and scale; and also uncertainty as an outcome of the volatility, we are unable to predict future events. Complexity is a widespread confusion, with no clear link between reason and also impact, affects all establishments nowadays; and also ambiguity is a absence of precision, and the presence of multiple meanings within the conditions surrounding us. Carla et al. (2018) then explain the opportunity of leaders giving up in a VUCA context due to the complying with underperformance.

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Uncertainty: Characteristic of a instance in which the problem solver considers the framework of the difficulty (consisting of the set of pertinent variables) as provided however is dissatisfied via his or her understanding of the value of these variables.Ambiguity level 1: Characteristic of a instance in which the problem solver considers the collection of potentially pertinent variables as provided. The relationships in between the variables and the problem-fixing algorithm are viewed as in need of determination.Ambiguity level 2: Characteristic of a case in which the collection of appropriate variables as well as their practical relationship and the problem-solving algorithm are seen as in require of determination.

Hence, in order to confront VUCA, leaders require tenacity to meet the goals set from their vision.

“Stubbornness is tenacity without humility”

In addressing the obstacles of VUCA, mounting brand-new work can sometimes be also overwhelming for the leader, generating negative emotions. This management trait is necessary for the leader to remain on course. The personal resource of tenacity buffers the damaging effects of unfavorable working problems. Northome (2019) associates this personal resource, to what he termed as determicountry wbelow the desire to have actually the occupational completed is intense and also one that is established is thrust, proactive and also perseverance in the challenge of obstacles, as being among the major leadership traits that stood the test of time.

It is likewise interesting to note that tenacity is not resilience, wbelow tenacity is the perseverance as soon as confronting difficulties and also resilience being the capability to “bounce back” after failures. Also, tenacity is among the main components driving passion and also charismatic leaders exude positive affect strongly associated through passion, which is imperative for idealized influence in being transformational. It is additionally necessary to note that “Stubbornness is tenacity without humility.” and also therefore, leaders should preserve humility in the pursuit of their purposes or visions, and receives feedback and inputs from others.

Bfinishing Reality

Lakhiani (2019, p. 126) specifies bfinishing fact as “the best state where one’s happy in the currently and have actually a vision for future that drives one”. One of the aspects of generating happiness is by finding meaning to the job-related or activity one is endeavoring.

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As depicted in the listed below figure, a tenacious leader resides in the area of Bfinishing Reality where a feeling of growth and also enjoyment preceded eextremely obstacles, and is focused in both the location and the journey. Subsequently, for leaders to prosper in the challenge of VUCA, demanding ambidexterity and also motivating others towards a mutual vision amongst uncertainty and also ambiguity, exuding passion and demonstrating tenacity is paramount to leadership excellence.



Figure 1. The Four States of Human being Living (Lakhiani, 2019).


Hence, a tenacious leader aims to preserve humility in the quest of their objectives or visions, and also receives feedearlier and also inputs from others. Furthermore, the leader is determined and also finds joy in the journey of pursuing the goals, and also at the exact same time, continues to be focused on the destination, fine-tuning the vision as essential. These behavioral inclicountries identify tenacity from stubbornness, and also strengthen the leader’s mind through joy- and also meaning-making indications.


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