Taking the lead lessons from a life in motion

"Sometimes I"ve taken house the trophy, periodically I"ve stumbled or tripped over my very own feet. But eextremely move I"ve made has shaped me right into the perboy I am now."

Season after seakid, millions of fans tune right into Dancing with the Stars to watch Derek Hough, the talented, consummate challenger whose ability and also commitment have actually made him the show"s all-time champion. Whether he"s dancing with an Olympic gold medalist, an globally renowned recording star, or a commemorated actress, Derek has an undeniable talent for bringing out the ideal in his partners. He does even more than just tutor them in the fox-trot and also paso doble—he teaches them just how to see beyond their boundaries and realize their true potential.

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Now, for the first time ever before, Derek opens up up about his transdevelopment from bullied little bit boy to achieved performer and also coach that lets nothing—and also no one—stand also in his method. In Taking the Lead he details how his experiences have actually taught him to embrace a positive outlook, channel his creativity and drive, and also challenge his fears head-on.

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From his beforehand training in London start at the age of twelve, to grueling dance competitions about the world, to never-before-told stories from behind the scenes of Dancing through the Stars, Derek writes through honesty and also understanding around his extraordinary journey. And in sharing his own story, he reflects all of us how we deserve to take charge of pursuing our objectives, get rid of obstacles, and also become winners—not just on the dance floor however in life.

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Emmy Award-winning and also New York Times bestoffering author Derek Hough is the only five-time champion in the franchise background of the ABC present Dancing through the Stars. At eleven years old, Hough began dancing in his hometown of Salt Lake City and one year later moved to London to attfinish a percreating arts college wbelow he studied theatre, music, and dance. He has actually been nominated six times for an Emmy Award, has actually acted in film, and has percreated in London's West End and also on Broadmeans. He also has actually headlined at Radio City Music Hall and has teamed up via his sister, Julianne, for a live phase dance concert called Move Live On Tour.

Table of Contents

Foreword Kellie Pickler ixOverview 11 Indiana Jones and also the Brothers Dvery own the Block 52 Girls and also More Girls 213 Standing Up 314 Real Men 375 You Victory Some, You Lose Some 456 My Second Paleas 517 The Ballas Brat Pack 658 Wild Thang 739 Change Partners and Dance 8310 The World in My Hands 9311 Cutting Footloose 10112 Reaching for the Stars 11113 Pushing Thturbulent the Pain 12514 Staring Fear in the Face 14115 Nobody"s Perfect 14916 Life Is What You Make It 15717 Next off Steps 167Ask Derek: Q&A 177Acknowledgments 187

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