Situational leadership suggests that effective leaders base behavior upon:

Which statement best summarizes the leader-member exchange (LMX) theory? A. It highlights the flexibility needed by leaders.B. It focuses on interactions between leaders and followers.C. It looks at the positive and negative qualities of situations.D. It considers the impacts of leader decision-making on group members.

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The normative decision model is limited just to: A. decision making.B. task behaviors.C. goal achievement.D. goal expectancy.
If a decision has actually a rational or objectively determinable "much better or worse" different, the leader need to select the better alternative. This many likely refers to: A. strategic agility.B. decision acceptance.C. problem fixing.D. decision high quality.
Which of the complying with statements around the normative decision version is true? A. The version shifts focus away from the leader and followers to the instance.B. Decision tree concerns focus on the difficulty and situational determinants.C. The version focuses on the results of formal authority systems.D. It is about personal opinions rather than theory.
Which 2 wide categories of leader behaviors did the situational leadership design originally identify? A. Directive and also supportiveB. Transformational and also transactionalC. Behavior-oriented and cognitively-orientedD. Initiating structure and also consideration
According to the situational management concept, 4 types of management actions deserve to be established. They incorporate every one of the adhering to EXCEPT: A. delegating.B. offering.C. participating.D. modeling.
Follower readiness describes a(n): A. follower"s capability and willingness to achieve a particular task.B. assessment of an individual"s personality in particular cases.C. individual trait or worth that is hard to change.D. follower"s reaction to certain management layouts.
What should leaders initially assess in order to apply the situational management model? A. The level of task and also partnership actions that will certainly most likely create effective outcomes.B. The readiness level of the follower family member to the task to be completed.C. The leader"s actions that best suits the existing situation and also job.D. The historic actions fads of the leader and folreduced.
In regards to the 4 management formats of situational leadership, a high task/low connection habits is referred to as: A. delegating.B. selling.C. participating.D. informing.

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The delegating leadership style has: A. high task/low connection habits.B. low task/low relationship behavior.C. high task/high partnership behavior.D. low task/high partnership habits.
Which of the complying with statements is the majority of likely true of the leadership theories? A. Situational Leadership suggests that leaders reprimary continuous in their actions.B. The contingency version emphasizes flexibility in leader actions.C. Situational Leadership asserts that leaders should usage a decision tree in stressful situations.D. The contingency version suggests that leader performance counts on choosing the best kind of leader for a specific instance.
D. The contingency design says that leader performance relies on selecting the right sort of leader for a certain situation.
Situational Leadership suggests that efficient leaders base actions upon: A. valued rewards.B. folreduced maturity.C. job structure.D. leader-member relationships.
Which of the adhering to instruments does Fiedler"s contingency concept usage to identify the relevant characteristic of the leader? A. The Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorB. The The golden state Personality InventoryC. The Least Preferred Co-worker ScaleD. The Five Factor Personality Inventory
Which of the adhering to statements around high-LCOMPUTER leaders is many most likely true? A. If jobs are being completed in an acceptable manner, they will move to their additional level of impetus, which is creating and also maintaining relationships via followers.B. They emphasis on boosting their relationships through followers after they are assured that assigned tasks are being satisfactorily completed.C. They are mostly satisfied by establishing and also maintaining cshed interindividual relationships.D. They primarily gain satisfactivity from task achievement.
What is the weakest facet of situational favorability? A. Subordinate acceptanceB. Leader-member relationsC. Task structureD. Position power
The greatest levels of situational favorcapacity many most likely take place when: A. leader-member relationships are good, the job is structured, and place power is high.B. there are high levels of leader-member conflict, the job is unstructured, and also the leader uses reward power.C. leader-member relations are good, the job is unstructured, and also position power is low.D. tright here are high levels of leader-member problem, the task is structured, and the leader uses coercive power.
According to the path-goal theory, which leader behavior is a lot of most likely identified by continuing to be open up and also approachable to followers? A. Achievement-oriented leadershipB. Directive leadershipC. Participative leadershipD. Supportive leadership
Leaders exhibiting participative management are the majority of likely to: A. emphasize status differentials among followers.B. establish norms and procedures instantly.C. share work-related problems with followers.D. be regarded as demanding.

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Which of the following statements about the path-goal theory is the majority of likely FALSE? A. The 3 sub-facets in instance favorcapacity are the job, the formal authority system, and also the primary work group.B. Redundant leader habits can be construed by followers as a lack of understanding.C. If a task is incredibly structured, informal authority decreases follower catalyst levels.D. It maintains that follower and situational variables can impact each other.
In terms of the path-goal concept, which of the complying with is thought about a situational factor? A. The decision qualityB. Leader-member relationsC. Position powerD. The task
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