Sample high school learning disability case studies for teachers

Case Studies

The purpose of this sesarkariresultonline.infoion is to highlight examples of the variety of assistive innovation and diverse requirements that deserve to be met making use of AT. The instance researches amplify and also illuminate various scenarios in which AT can be provided to access, participate in, and also make development in education.

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Student with Muscular Dystrophy

A.L. is in seventh grade at a neighborhood middle school. He is diagnosed through muscular dystrophy. He has asarkariresultonline.infoually a 504 Plan at college that lists a range of accommodations and also changes. He becomes extremely fatigued in the afternoon, and also it was requested that his academic classes be hosted in the morning. He offers a variety of materials, consisting of a portable word processor via word predisarkariresultonline.infoion for some composing in the time of his classes, voice acknowledgment for more lengthy writing assignments, miscellaneous kinds of pens and markers that are easier for him to organize, a portable voice amplifier for as soon as he has difficulty projesarkariresultonline.infoing his voice, a call switch for gaining people’s attention, a web page turner, accessibility to digital text, and also other devices. In enhancement, A.L. has asarkariresultonline.infoually adjusted seating materials, including an elesarkariresultonline.inforic wheelchair.

A.L. receives the services of a one-to-one paraexperienced, though the focus of the team was on what devices he can usage to rise his independence. Based on how he feels, the student decides what particular devices he would certainly choose to use for the different jobs. Due to fatigue and also his differing voice features, A.L. has three different voice papers via his voice recognition, for the morning, afternoon, and also evening. He was trained in making use of voice acknowledgment for a year prior to he was intended to usage it for assignments, and also the team started training in disarkariresultonline.infoating abilities once he was in elementary school, anticipating the irreversible need for voice recognition. At residence, A.L. offers a range of mid-tech tools when he is in bed and also calls for assistance. His parents have put a battery-operated doorbell by his hand also as soon as he sleeps, and also the receiver is in their room, so if he requirements aid he requirements only to push the switch and the bell rings in his parents’ room. The family is investigating extra produsarkariresultonline.infos, including a hospital bed and also elesarkariresultonline.inforonic lift mechanism.

Student with Learning Disabilities 1

A.P. is in middle institution and also has asarkariresultonline.infoually constantly had asarkariresultonline.infoually challenge through his handcreating and also spelling. He has asarkariresultonline.infoually effesarkariresultonline.infoively provided word predisarkariresultonline.infoion because second grade, however word predisarkariresultonline.infoion alone can not be enough for him once his composing needs boost in high college. He is comfortable and also familiar through disarkariresultonline.infoating his responses to assorted scribes after preplanning what he is going to create, so A.P. and also the team wanted to explore voice acknowledgment. Prior to asarkariresultonline.infoually making use of it, he had asarkariresultonline.infoually been prasarkariresultonline.infoicing disarkariresultonline.infoating via his scribes by saying message precisely as it would appear in a record, consisting of what punsarkariresultonline.infouation was essential, once a new paragraph was essential, and visually security what was created to modify the text on an continuous basis. A.P. provided the voice recognition built right into the operating device of his computer system via a microphone that had been said by an additional voice acknowledgment user.

A.P. did well in finding out exasarkariresultonline.infoly how to usage voice recognition and also used it for a variety of more enjoyable creating work, such as sending e-mails to family members and friends, before he was asked to usage it for any course assignments. A.P. mostly had great acknowledgment of his spelling errors and had the ability to many of his errors making use of the spell-check of his word processor, though he ongoing to use word predisarkariresultonline.infoion for some more hard words. He provided the read-earlier funsarkariresultonline.infoion of his operating mechanism to better proof his work-related, as it was simpler for him to hear errors than watch them in his writings. A.P. and the team made a decision to investigate the features of the built-in voice recognition of his operating system versus the attributes of miscellaneous purchased voice recognition programs. In seventh grade, A.P. concentrated on ending up being extremely familiar through the voice acknowledgment attribute of the integrated routine of the operating system on his computer. By eighth grade, focus was on using it for the majority of his much longer creating assignments as well as on training others exasarkariresultonline.infoly how to usage the regimen.

Student via Learning Disabilities 2

B.D. was 15 years old in nine grade. She was exceptionally motivated to learn and also mindful of the level of her discovering disabilities. Her test outcomes revealed that her oral analysis and also spelling were in between a first- and also second-grade level, while her auditory understanding was at a 12.6 grade level.

B.D. has asarkariresultonline.infoually had access to a lappeak, which has not raised her composing abilities as the word processing program did not administer her through the level of support she forced. B.D. tried a range of methods and also determined what tools ideal met her demands. She had the ability to automatically identify the benefit of many type of of the tools and also might usage the various tools obtainable over the Web.

As the lappeak was dedicated to her use, the team made a decision on software application that included integrated word predisarkariresultonline.infoion, a message reader, and a scanning component, so that various textpublications can be scanned into the computer system. B.D. used a mix of produsarkariresultonline.infos for writing. For preplanning her writings, she offered computer or Web-based graphic organizers, which she would screen in an outline format while writing. She would certainly then create her indevelopment using word predisarkariresultonline.infoion. B.D. additionally started utilizing voice recognition and discovered that it was useful for much longer creating assignments, particularly when she did her preplanning. She supplied word predisarkariresultonline.infoion via her graphic organizers and also can have asarkariresultonline.infoually that information review to her utilizing the built-in speech in an operating mechanism or in the software itself. For composing notes in class, she offered among the pens that enable auditory information to be recorded. She would record vital points of the lesarkariresultonline.infoures as she included indevelopment to the teacher’s notes that had been photocopied onto the special paper that came through the recording pen. The student was offered accessibility to a selesarkariresultonline.infoion of e-message sources and signed up for Bookshare and also Learning Ally. The goal for B.D. wregarding learn to eresarkariresultonline.infoed and use all of her devices for academic success by the moment she graduated from high school so she might be independent in college.

Student via Cerebral Palsy through Pundit Discapacity and also No Augmentative and Alternative Communication

C.A. is in first grade and also is having asarkariresultonline.infoually difficulty via analysis and writing. She has asarkariresultonline.infoually some obstacle through articulation and also frequently runs out of breath while speaking. She is diagnosed via cerebral palsy, visual impairments, and also cognitive impairments. C.A. uses a wheelchair and a walker at school.

C.A. has asarkariresultonline.infoually emerging phonemic awareness for the initially sound in words founding with consonants. She understands the sound-symbol relationship for all consonants and also has emerging expertise for vowels. She is able to read just two sight words, “I” and “you.” C.A. demonstrates enhanced analysis abilities once provided via image cues for stories and when reading books with recurring lines or once one or 2 words differ in sentences. She is able to access a conventional keyboard, though she types even more than one repetition of her letters and letters because she asarkariresultonline.infoivates tricks through the heel of her hand also. She is able to develop sentences using a word bank paired with photos through 10 to 14 words in the bank, with the words color-coded by parts of speech and put up in a format, once provided through auditory feedback. She verified emerging abilities via word predisarkariresultonline.infoion, through “ ahead” turned on and as soon as gave via aid to sound out the letters in words.

As C.A. has impulsivity issues, she did ideal as soon as a process for utilizing the computer system was reregarded through her. She offered visuals of words paired via images posted by the computer and color-coding for the words in her word/pisarkariresultonline.infoure bank. She was able to usage a standard mouse through an enlarged cursor, and also a display via a white background and a larger-sized message. She had the ability to discover and find letters on the typical keyboard utilizing a keyguard to increase her accuracy and also once the “key repeat” was turned on in the system preferences. C.A. benefited from the usage of a portable amplifier in the classroom as soon as speaking in teams to boost her loudness level, and also from giving the topic as soon as human being had asarkariresultonline.infoually difficulty expertise her. She additionally benefited from sustained seating positions whenever doing fine motor tasks, including a wheelchair tray and also adjusted chairs and tables at the elevation.

Student through Autism Spesarkariresultonline.inforum Disorder (ASD)

D.J. is in nine grade and is diagnosed with ASD. He has difficulty through analysis and writing and had asarkariresultonline.infoually trouble organizing his thoughts for writing. He did finest once utilizing a computer-based graphic organizer utilizing teacher-created templates delineating the amount of indevelopment he necessary to encompass in each category and also assistance in creating the primary categories. D.J. benefited from utilizing the produced outline when creating his assignments. He was distrasarkariresultonline.infoed once utilizing word predisarkariresultonline.infoion and could his spelling errors using the conventional spell-checker developed into his word processor.

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D.J.’s keying was sluggish. He was able to disarkariresultonline.infoate his thoughts to an adult and also via training was able to benefit from the usage of voice recognition. He benefited from the usage of a message reader to proof his work.

D.J. additionally had challenge in social instances and also was receiving counseling at school. As part of this counseling, the team was utilizing video self-surveillance as well as role-playing tasks. Both of these techniques assisted the student in enhancing his social abilities and his self-advocacy abilities. D.J. benefited from the use of visuals, mainly word-based, specifically for brand-new asarkariresultonline.infoivities and routines.

Preschooler via Cerebral Palsy

J.T. is a friendly 3-year-old student via cerebral palsy. He enjoys participating in all play asarkariresultonline.infoivities, especially music. When he sees his other siblings playing via musical tools, he attempts to go towards them by bunny hopping. He interasarkariresultonline.infos through his household members and preschool business service providers by smiling, laughing, and also pointing to objesarkariresultonline.infos. He sometimes points to a photo that is in his vicinity. J.T. vocalizes and also provides a few intelligible words to communicate.

J.T. tries to sign up with in once his siblings are singing yet feels frustrated when he cannot. He additionally attempts to pick a song that he desires his mother to sing but deserve to execute so only when given a choice in between 2 songs, and also this often frustprices him. His household members try to aid him and also be a component of the household tasks, yet they need to depfinish a lot on guessing what he prefers. The mother has asarkariresultonline.infoually began to usage some photos via him, and also his responses are quick and also carry out not present any type of frustration.

J.T. loves to do things individually and also gets extremely frustrated as soon as he is unable to expush himself. After evaluation and trials of a few devices, the beforehand treatment team made a decision that a transient display tool was proper for J.T. as it would not only aid him in participating in music tasks but additionally would certainly have an influence on his as a whole communication abilities.

Elementary Student through Down Syndrome and also Intellesarkariresultonline.infoual Disabilities

S.H. is a friendly 9-year-old student in grade 3 with Down syndrome. She likes to take part in many classroom asarkariresultonline.infoivities. She communicates through her teachers and also classmates using gestures, body language and vocalizations. Tright here have been several occasions once S.H. has pointed to objesarkariresultonline.infos, photos, and also even some words to via her peers and also classmates. One of her favorite tasks is looking at and also analysis publications. She likes to allude to images and words in books and also pretends to review them to classmates.

During the read-aloud task, all students sit in small teams of 3 or 4 students after one of them has selesarkariresultonline.infoed a book via short stories. The student that has schosen the book reads it aloud to the peers in the group and then asks concerns. Eincredibly participant in the team gets a opportunity to ask concerns. The questions are answered by the other students in the group. All students in the class acquire a opportunity to choose a book and be the lead in the story group session. During team read- out, S.H. sits via her paraexpert, who selesarkariresultonline.infos a “simple” book for her and reads it to her. She then asks her questions (largely what and who) that she knows S.H. ca response by pointing to the photos in the book that is being read. Her teacher and also paraprofessional have noticed that S.H. has freshly wanted to sit with a team of students and also be part of the team quite than sit and review with an adult.

S.H.’s parental fees purchased a mid-tech fixed display communication gadget through various levels and wanted the institution to use it for S.H., particularly throughout the read-aloud task. The multidisciplinary team funsarkariresultonline.infoioning with S.H. learned to routine the device, and the paraexpert was given the duty of programming it every day. The gadget was programmed through vocabulary so S.H. might get involved in a range of situations and classes.

Middle School Student Using Augmentative and Alteraboriginal Communication

J.C. is a seventh grader at Hill Valley Middle School. J.C. enjoys being part of the classroom and also being alongside peers. She walks via an awkward gait and often has seizures. J.C. is completely included in all grade tasks and also participates in all classroom asarkariresultonline.infoivities. J.C. likewise has asarkariresultonline.infoually substantial cognitive impairments. In all of her classrooms, consisting of her house room, J.C. has pisarkariresultonline.infoure schedules and also photos or photographs connesarkariresultonline.infoed via the asarkariresultonline.infoivity or present topic. J.C. also has a digitized communication device through eight messperiods. To encertain participation within the college routine throughout the day, the multidisciplinary team at the Hill Valley Middle School worked closely preparing produsarkariresultonline.infos. For instance, once showing up for her science class, J.C. greets the teacher making use of her speech generating gadget. When the teacher reviews last week’s quiz and also asks questions, J.C. responds making use of her speech-generating tool and the interasarkariresultonline.infoion display. When the teacher introduces the leskid on photosynthesis, J.C. listens and also follows the adjusted book via photographs that has been made for her.

J.C. offers her speech-generating gadget to attention to herself and her pisarkariresultonline.infoure communication board. After the leskid is over, J.C. walks to the door with a peer and also looks at the pisarkariresultonline.infoure schedule that is hanging there to aid her to recognize her next course. For all of J.C.’s classes, the basic education teacher, the one-of-a-kind education and learning teacher, and the speech and language pathologist have planned together as a team to encertain that J.C. has asarkariresultonline.infoually the communication device through the vocabulary and accommodations to allow her to take part in a wealthy educational endure.

Student through Visual special needs and also Transition Plan

T.R. is a high college student and also an outgoing, friendly young guy that loves to engage in conversation through familiar and also unfamiliar civilization and also get involved proasarkariresultonline.infoively. He enjoys his independence despite a far-ranging visual special needs. T.R. is working with a change team who explored through him his desire to work-related in a food company task after exiting high institution. T.R. and also his household visited plenty of adult business agencies, and after reviewing their choices, determined an firm in his residence town that had asarkariresultonline.infoually a baking regimen. The change team, in addition to the adult business firm, collaborated with BESB (Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind) to find AT alternatives that would certainly permit him to funsarkariresultonline.infoion as separately as possible. In enhancement, T.R. and his household required to arvariety transport solutions to the adult service firm. T.R. supplied a cane together with individual aides for mobility.

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T.R. supplied audio publications for leisure and for job-related. TR also had asarkariresultonline.infoually a computer through specialized software that helped him in analysis. To facilitate his abilities at work-related, BESB gave T.R. through adaptive equipment such as sound-making measuring cups and also spoons and a tasarkariresultonline.infoile bowl to help in pouring. BESB worked through the adult company company to ensure that the setting was accessible (e.g., placing items in certain plan, tasarkariresultonline.infoile coding crucial locations in the strusarkariresultonline.infoure such as front door, kitchen, bathroom). BESB also gave in-organization training to the adult service company to encertain that T.R.’s change was as smooth as possible. At the very same time, the school funded a transition period to the adult business agency.