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"Kill a plant, buy a puppy. Well, of course it made perfect sense." Chapter 1, pg. 3

"His body would quiver, his head would certainly bob from side to side, and his entire rear finish would certainly swing in a type of spastic dance. We called it he Marley Mambo." Chapter 4, pg. 25

"We wouldn"t realize it until years later, but he showed at an early stage indications of that problem that would later on be coined to describe the behavior of countless hard-to-control, ants-in-their-pants schoolyoungsters. Our puppy had a textbook situation of attention deficit hypertask disorder." Chapter 4, pg. 27

"Our rambunctious, wired dog stood via his shoulders between Jenny"s knees, his huge, blocky head relaxing quietly in her lap." Chapter 6, pg. 49

"Ireland was a coast-to-shore No Sex Zone. And that was all the invitation I required. We invested the trip bopping choose bunnies." Chapter 10, pg. 88

"He was a gentle huge approximately Patrick, and also he welcomed his...

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