Practicing a skill is most likely to bring about which of the following?

As you"re going through the concerns, pick the proper answer for each by clicking on it. When you have answered all the questions, click "Sjust how all answers" at the end of the web page to highlight the correct answer for each question.

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This section of the TOEFL ITP Level 2 test is designed to test your understanding of words or phrases that are typically offered in academic or nonacademic conmessages. Each Vocabulary item is composed of a sentence (which may or may not be attracted from a published source) with1 word or expression highlighted.


Each sentence has actually a highlighted word or expression. Below each sentence are4 various other words or phrases, noted A, B, C or D. Choose the1 word or phrase that best keeps the interpretation of the original sentence if it is substituted for the highlighted word or expression.


It is hard to obtain young world to plan for their old age, which appears exceptionally far-off to them.

impossiblefar awayobservablefearful

The correct choice is B.

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Practice Questions 1–5

Receptors for the sense of smell are situated at the height of the nasal endinner edgemouthdivisionPassenger ships and aircraft are regularly equipped through ship-to-shore or air-to-land radio telephones.highwaysrailroadsairplanessailboatsDotting the marshy expanse of the Florida Everglades are little bit islands well-known in your area as hummocks.generallyto allin that areaoccasionallyIt is not possible for world to recall every little thing that they have actually thought, felt, or done.rememberappreciaterepeatdiscussWhen preparing a diet, a perchild must be mindful that vitamin D acts to increase the amount of calcium absorbed by the body.schedule of exercisenutritional planexamine of longevitymedicinal chart

Reading Comprehension

This section of the TOEFL ITP Level 2 test is designed to measure the capability to read and understand the kind of short passeras that high school students studying English as a Foreign Language are likely to encounter. You will review a variety of brief passages on academic subjects. Each passage is followed by a number of questions about the material.


In this area you will check out numerous passperiods. Each1 is adhered to by several concerns. You are to choose the1 finest answer, A, B, C or D, to each question.

Answer all questions about the indevelopment in a passage on the basis of what is proclaimed or implied in that passage.


A new atomic clock being arisen for navigationsatellites will perform better than previous devices. Theclock will use a new microwave cavity style toprovide a compact and lightweight package and newelectronic approaches to keep long-term stcapability.The clock deserve to administer specific navigation informationbereason it is steady to one second in three millionyears. The distinctions in the time as soon as signals from4 satellites arrive at one place have the right to be supplied tocalculate that position to within a couple of yards.

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From the passage, it deserve to be inferred that which of the following features of the clock discussed will certainly be the majority of impressive?

Its compact sizeIts weightIts accuracyIts capability to measure distance

The passage discusses that the navigation information provided by the clock is extremely exact. Because of this, you have to choose answer C.

Practice Questions 6–8

It can be inferred from the passage that the new clock will certainly belong-lastingharmful to humansproduced in excellent numbersincredibly attractive lookingAccording to the passage, signals from exactly how many satellites will be provided to calculate a position?1234What is the primary function of the passage?To teach a lessonTo offer a productTo support a theoryTo carry out information