People who experience higher levels of challenge stressors tend to have higher levels of:

People that experience better levels of challenge stressors tfinish to have higher levels of:

A. Job performance. B. Burnout. C. Withdrawal habits. D. Job dissatisfaction. E. Conformist actions.

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Challenge Stressors

Challenge stressors are stressors that originate out of work work. When employees are unable to manage these stressors however are still required to accomplish requirements, they reach a limit that is hard to rerevolve from.

The answer is B. Burnout.

Burnout is the result of extensive, recurring stress and anxiety that cannot be regulated.

Other Options

A. Job performance is the level to which a task is performed well. This is bound to happen in an atmosphere through low stressors.C. Withdrawal behavior occurs as soon as employees become less involved with the organization.D. Job dissatisfactivity is the degree to which an employee finds a lack of joy via their project.E. Conformist behavior is actions that aligns via the consensus of the group.
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