Pbs martin luther the idea that changed the world

An obscure monk obstacles monarchs and popes, sparking a adjust in culture, national politics and also religion

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of one on the the majority of crucial events in western people — the birth of an principle that continues to form the life of Americans today.

In 1517, power remained in the hands of the few, believed was regulated by the preferred, and also prevalent world lived lives without hope.

On October 31 of that year, a pennimuch less monk named Martin Luther sparked the revolution that would readjust whatever.

Follow the seismic upheaval that rocked the Western human being in the 1500s, motivated by a penniless monk"s unlikely search to fight corruption in the world"s biggest institution. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville (DOWNTON ABBEY).

He had actually no army.

In reality, he taught nonviolence so powerfully that — 400 years later on — Michael King would certainly readjust his name to Martin Luther King to display solidarity through the original motion.

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This motion, the Protestant Redevelopment, readjusted western society at its core, sparking the drive toward individualism, flexibility of faith, women"s legal rights, separation of church and state, and even free public education and learning.

Without the Reformation, tright here would have actually been no Pilgrims, no Puritans, and also no America in the means we understand it.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Jake Thomas / Producer: Boettcher/Trinklein

Luther nails the renowned 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany type of.

"Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed The World" adheres to the dramatic story of Martin Luther"s life: the massive lightning storm that nearly eliminated him, the bleak self-punishment of his time in the monastery, the corruption that unleashed his anger, his trial before the most powerful man in Europe, and also the staged kidnapping that assisted him escape the death penalty.

The documentary functions fancy full-scale dramatizations filmed in the castles and also abbeys and on the cobblerock roads of Eastern Europe.

Dozens of historians from Europe and the Americas were interviewed, with a mindful eye to ensure that all sides of the story are represented.

Picture credit: Courtesy of Jake Thomas / Producer: Boettcher/Trinklein

Martin Luther bows to Cardinal Cajetan. The meeting was a very early step in Luther"s rejection of Catholic teachings.

Hugh Bonneville (DOWNTON ABBEY) narrates; Padraic Delaney (THE TUDORS, “The Man Who Kbrand-new Infinity”) portrays Luther.

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Premiered Sept. 12, 2017

Produced by Boettcher+Trinklein Inc.


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