One direction preferences he teaches you how to touch yourself

Niall: His eyes are virtually babsence as he looks at you, his tongue darting out to lick his reduced lip. You smirked at him from your spot on the bed, gradually inching the babsence robe off your shoulders to expose soft, creamy skin. He groaned as the robe dropped off one shoulder. “You like that, daddy?” You purred, flicking your lashes to his confront. God, he was so tough. He fixed himself in his jeans as you dropped the robe to drape roughly your forearms. The black bra barely hosted everything in and he stalked forward, his mouth latching onto that smooth, supple skin. “Oh yes baby, daddy likes this a lot,” His arms snaked under your knees and also he pulled, sfinishing you level on your back as he conveniently extended your body through his. “You’ve been a naughty girl,” he sassist ripping the lace panties off. Jesus, he was so warm favor this. “And currently daddy’s gunna teach you a leskid,”

Liam: “Touch yourself, baby,” Liam commanded from the door means. You ran your fingers down your body, breath coming in heavy pants. “Sexactly how daddy just how you want him to touch you.” You moaned, your fingers sliding down into your panties. He moaned, rubbing his length as he watched you touch yourself. “Daddy,” you moaned, your fingers rubbing in much faster circles. He didn’t think he’d ever before viewed anypoint hotter than this. Painfully arosupplied, Liam couldn’t take anyeven more. He dove onto the bed and pulled your legs over his shoulders, his mouth latching onto you. He licked you leisudepend, sucking on that sensitive nub of flesh. Your body quaked above his. “Tell daddy how excellent this feels,” he hummed versus you. “So excellent daddy, so good,” you moved your hips over his tongue. He inserted a long finger, pumping in and also out of you as you lost your composure. “You prefer that baby, let me hear you.” You let him hear you as you moaned, panted and also begged him. Liam pumped quicker, watching your skin flush. When you couldn’t take anymore, you came about his fingers. But Liam was nowhere close to done through you, not also cshed.

Zayn: “We’re going to mix it up tonight, baby,” Zayn sassist pushing his body onto yours. Tright here was a look in his eyes you’d never before checked out before and also you swallowed in anticipation. “You’re going to call me daddy,” Your pupils dilated as he cuffed your wrists to the headboard. “You recognize you’re safe word,” he sassist, his fingers trailing down your navel. You were currently dripping for him, your tongue licking out over your lips in anticipation. He kissed dvery own your body, nipping and sucking as he went. When he kbrand-new you were all set, he slid into you, a curse on his lips. “Say it,” he growled, his hands gripping your hips. “Fuck me, daddy,” you moaned. Zayn didn’t need to be told twice. He lifted your hips off the bed and slammed right into you, his head falling ago as he drilled you into the mattress.

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“Fuck yes,” he hissed, hips pumping furiously. “DADDY YES!” you screamed, pulling on the cuffs. He smirked, his pace slowing dvery own. “No, don’t, don’t,” you cried, your body so cshed to release. “No, what, baby?” His skin was dotted in sweat as he looked at you. “Don’t soptimal, daddy!” You begged. Zayn didn’t require you to ask twice.

Harry: “Kitten,” Harry called from the bedroom. You followed the sound of his voice, a chill running with you. Him calling you that only supposed one thing. “Yes?” You asked, stepping into the room. He arched a brow. “Yes, what, baby?” His eyes darkened and his fingers clenched right into a fist on his lap. “Yes, daddy?” You sassist breathlessly. He smirked and also came off the bed to stand also behind you. His hands ran dvery own your body and up again, cupping each breastern in his hands. His fingers twisted your nipples via your shirt and also you got to your arms ago approximately your head to anchor his mouth to your neck. “You’re going to let daddy have his way with you, aren’t you kitten? You’re going to let daddy pleasure that little bit body of yours till you scream.” You nodded, your legs shaking. He pressed you to the mattress, his hands sliding beneath the waistband also of your jeans. “So wet for daddy, baby,” he purred, his finger pressing dvery own on you. True to his word, you screamed his name all night long.

Louis: Your chest was pressed against the door as he pressed into your body. His hands were anywhere and also you whimpered. “Tell daddy you prefer it,” he said hoarsely, his hands slipping in your panties. He parted your folds, his thumb circling your clit. Your knees buckled and you pressed your hands on the doors. “Take me, daddy,” you moaned, grinding down onto his fingers. He ongoing to finger you, his mouth sucking the skin below your neck. Jesus, he was so warm when he was favor this. “Daddy please,” you whined, clenching around his fingers. Louis loved doing this to you. He loved worshiping your body. He spun you approximately and dropped to his knees. He carried your leg over his shoulder as he ate you out, your hips rocking onto his tongue. “Oh yes, oh yes, daddy,” Your fingers twisted in his hair as he sucked on you. “Come for daddy, come in my mouth.” Helplessly, you came on command also. Louis looked up from in between your thighs and also grinned. “We’re no wear near done, baby.”