Nearly all the somatosensory input to the cerebrum passes by way of synapses in

Nearly on all somatosensory input to the cerebrum passes by method of synapses in which region of the brain?

A. Thalamus

B. Hypothalamus

C. Epithalamus

D. Cerebellum

E. Reticular formation

Somatosensory Input:

Somatosensory input contains stimuli such as vibrations, stretch, and pain. This type of stimuli is detected by special receptors (may be internal or external), and also are carried up to the cerebrum for processing.

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Nat an early stage all somatosensory input to the cerebrum passes by way of synapses in the thalamus. First order neurons from proprioceptors, or nociceptors detect stimuli, and will synapse through second order neurons at either the nucleus gracilis, or the nucleus cuneatus. The second order neurons will certainly cross over and synapse via 3rd order neurons at the thalamus. From below, neurons will certainly travel to the proper section of the cerebral cortex depending on wbelow the stimuli was derived.

The answer is A. Thalamus.

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