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When Harriet is pressed on by a slick businessguy to transcreate Walnut Grove’s eatery into a chain restaurant, Nellie’s Restaurant is scarcely recognizable as Harriet purchases flashy brand-new tables and also sdevices, then gets rid of the menus to accommoday a three-mealsjust strategy. Things begin out well when the new “Sullivan’s Restaurant” rakes in an impressive amount of money, yet as Caroline, Harriet, and Hester Sue are required to offer practically 24/7 attention to this demanding job, Nels and Charles should take over the obligations at house. Flustered via food preparation eextremely day and also taking treatment of the children, Nels and also Charles recognize that their wives regret these recent advances, however this time, it may be approximately the males to resolve things up.

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Percival takes over the household service once his father dies, which implies that he and Nellie will remajor in New York permanently. Distraught by the news, Harriet and Nels ultimately decide that adopting a little girl would bring happiness to their stays again, however once they visit an orphanage in Sleepy Eye, Harriet gravitates to the the majority of unruly boy in the structure. Meanwhile, when Adam have the right to no longer make a living as a lawyer in Walnut Grove, he and Mary have actually a challenging option to make.

Nels and also Harriet"s newly embraced daughter Nancy settles in easily at her brand-new home. Harriet delights in spoiling her rotten, yet the child is a diabolical monster that creates significant trouble everywhere she goes. When her actions goes too far, everyone--consisting of her adoptive mother--need to come together to present her who"s boss.

After adopting 2 more children, Charles and Caroline should readjust to controlling five young youngsters. The household stress mounts once James runs away after acquiring right into an discussion through Albert.

When Doc Baker"s work pack becomes also much for one perchild, arrangements are created an African-Amerihave the right to doctor and also his wife to join the community. Racism ends up rearing its ugly head, also via the commonly kindhearted Doc Baker, and also as soon as they can not uncover a method to acquire alengthy, the perboy that might experience the many is just one of their patients.

When Eliza Jane invites Laura to Arizona for a summer literature course that features Ralph Waldo Emerkid, Laura is thrilbrought about accept. Once there, she attempts to discover a teaching position to cover her prices, but the just task she gets requires washing dishes for a coldhearted restaurant owner. On the other hand, Eliza Jane is instantly smitten through among the handsome professors, and also although Mr. Westehoff is not interested in her, the married man has rather a proposition for Laura. As Laura battles to hang onto her smalltown values, this untypical love triangle is enough to produce tension in between her and also Eliza Jane, not to mention Mr. Westehoff, who--after being automatically rejected by Laura-- will speak at nothing to have the top hand also.

In the wake of a frightening near-fatality experience, ruthmuch less daredevil "Gambini the Great" agrees through his wife"s advice to retire, but once his oldest child refprovides to bring on the household business, Gambini disowns him, then chooses to maintain the position till his younger son is old sufficient to take over. The next speak for Gambini"s act is Walnut Grove, and also as they exercise in tvery own, Willie and also Albert are both affected by the shocking stunts that they witness. Albert"s thoughtless ignore for his own security prompts Charles to take activity, yet nothing have the right to soptimal Gambini from making his very own decisions for his family, and as the night of the substantial show draws near, everyone is about to learn a painful lesson.

While traveling in his wagon one afternoon, Nels Oleboy is captured by two quite dimwitted crooks, that are itching for gold that Nels doesn"t have actually through him. Believing that Nels is their one swarm at making it substantial, the males send 2 ransom letters back to Harriet, who blatantly refuses to take the bait (even once threatened through her husband"s life). Now that their options are running out, an angry Nels decides to aid the men get their money, yet that suggests putting on a mask and also assisting to kidnap his own wife, in addition to several various other people from Walnut Grove. The race is on to obtain these crooks what they desire prior to they hurt anyone, all while Charles and also Almanzo hatch a plan of their very own to stop the madness.

Charles travels to Chicback to comfort a deeply grieving Mr. Edwards, whose son John Jr. had actually died in a tragic accident. But that grief quickly provides means to rage as soon as it becomes apparent John Jr."s fatality was no accident. Charles and also Mr. Edwards enlist the assist of the editor of the newspaper where John Jr. operated to uncover the truth.

A new student named Elmer joins the course in Walnut Grove, and while he is a sweet son who gets along well with the various other youngsters, the students can"t aid but snicker over his weight problems. Essentially clueless about the perchild she really is, Elmer can"t take his eyes off the beautiful Nancy, who agrees to be his girlfriend as a malicious effort to satisfy her very own ulterior motives. While he is initially good-natured about the fat jokes, Elmer lastly renders a drastic choice of his very own after enduring too much verbal torment from Nancy.

When Harriet is pressed on by a slick businessguy to transform Walnut Grove"s eatery right into a chain restaurant, Nellie"s Restaurant is scarcely recognizable as Harriet purchases flashy brand-new tables and sdevices, then gets rid of the menus to accommoday a three-mealsonly strategy. Things begin out well as soon as the new "Sullivan"s Restaurant" rakes in an exceptional amount of money, yet as Caroline, Harriet, and Hester Sue are forced to provide virtually 24/7 attention to this demanding task, Nels and also Charles need to take over the responsibilities at residence. Flustered via cooking every day and also taking care of the youngsters, Nels and also Charles recognize that their wives regret these recent advances, yet this time, it may be approximately the males to fix things up.

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Mary, Adam, Hester Sue, and also the Wilders all make a distinct visit to Charles and Caroline"s for Christmas Eve. An unrelenting blizzard stays clear of everyone from heading home after dinner, however they all pass time by recalling Christmases of personal significance in their resides. Caroline remembers her battle as a son to accept her new stepfather, and also the thoughtful gesture he made one Christmas Eve to earn her respect. Almanzo shows upon the year that taught him to think in Santa without question, and also Laura shares the classical story of her family"s extremely first Christmas in Kansas"s Indian Territory, yet it is Hester Sue"s bittersweet tale of racial inehigh quality that holds possibly the biggest poignancy in this heartwarming episode about family togetherness.

When a timid young boy named Gideon arrives at Walnut Grove"s school for the first time, his stuttering problem is easily ridiculed by the other youngsters. The child is hopeful as soon as James reaches out and also befriends him, but their budding friendship stands to be destroyed when James makes a foolish mistake appropriate in front of Gideon. The next day, James is cruburned to learn that Gideon has actually run away from residence. Determined to cheer his boy, Charles invites James to acfirm him on a shipment trip to Minneapolis. Alengthy the means, they enrespond to a wolf/dog mix, who takes an prompt interest in James. The creature follows them throughout their expedition, also as soon as they reach the city. The two inevitably take him earlier to Walnut Grove to be examined by Doc Baker, and meanwhile, after days of wandering on his own, Gideon goes out of his means to make sure nobody finds him.

Charles and Almanzo have a opportunity at raking in a nice payexamine by making a shipment pilgrimage to Arizona, yet that would mean being on the road for 2 months. Almanzo reluctantly agrees to go along, despite his wife being five months pregnant, and also via Walnut Grove suffering a terrible drought, Laura should currently juggle her obligations at house and as a teacher. With a large orcdifficult to water each day, Laura stubbornly refprovides assist from her household, which might develop grave aftermath for herself and also her unborn kid. Meanwhile, Willie Olechild shows indications that he might lastly be turning right into a motivated student, and also the college youngsters attract upon the message of a unique story to learn exactly how to give back to their area during an overwhelming time.

After spending time via a male that ends up dying of a sudden heart assault, Charles starts reasoning around passing on a legacy for future generations. He decides to profession in his farming way of life for a career in structure tables - a decision that Caroline is reluctant to support. Charles starts out by making it a part-time job, but as he experiences the harsh realities of the company people, he have to re-evaluate what a tradition really is.

An elderly relative of James and also Cassandra"s, who rejected them immediately after their parents" deaths, arrives unexpectedly in Walnut Grove to acquire better acquainted via the kids. The 3 of them hit it off automatically, and also all is going beautitotally till Jed--who is now a rich man and also would favor the children for companionship--places them in a place to choose. Although James and also Cassandra adore their uncle, their last decision is much less than favorable to Jed, that takes matters into his own hands to get specifically what he desires.

Kindly Afrihave the right to Amerihave the right to man Sam Terhoun arrives in Walnut Grove searching for job-related, however it"s noticeable that he is looking for much even more once he stops by to visit his ex-wife Hester Sue. After being melted several years ago by his excessive drinking and also gambling, Hester Sue refuses Sam"s evident attempts to redevelop their connection, however via the sweet and gentle-natured Sam making all kinds of friends in tvery own, it"s gaining harder and also harder for Hester Sue to disregard him. Over time, she agrees to a friendship, which then conveniently blossoms into rekindled love. Just days before they are to acquire married aget, a dangerous key around Sam is uncovered by Charles, but nothing deserve to prepare anyone for that ends up knocking on Hester Sue"s door the day of the wedding.

The Wilders" budding marriage is put to its first significant test when Almanzo, who is recovering from diphtheria, does not take correct care of himself and ends up having a major stroke. Left through speech deficiencies and a partial paralysis, his deteriorating heart is cured by nothing, and also while Laura does her ideal to aid him with, the friction between husband also and also wife is aggravated by an unintended visit from Eliza Jane. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Rose, Laura is devastated to learn that she and Almanzo might shed their house, and also things obtain also messier when Almanzo is interested in accepting a shocking offer from Eliza Jane.

Although the arrival of her initially boy have to be a beautiful time for Laura, it is tainted by Almanzo"s progressively bitter attitude, as well as the opportunity that Laura and also Almanzo can shed their home. Matters worsen as soon as Eliza Jane pursues an office task for Almanzo in the city without consulting her sister-in-regulation. Frustration meets with severe anger as Laura feels that her marriage is slipping amethod, and also as soon as a fateful tornaperform brings the Wilders to an all-time low, it can actually host the vital to both of their futures.

As he drinks heavily to drvery own out the pain of his oldest son"s fatality, Mr. Edwards is hanging by a thcheck out via his household. Eventually, enough is sufficient, and also an emotionally exhausted Grace tells him to fill his bags and leave. Lonely without his wife and also youngsters, he decides to look for solace in Walnut Grove. Upon settling in through his old friends, he is immeditely asked by Laura to be her baby daughter"s godfather. The male is in a position to put his life back together currently, however alcoholism is a truly dangerous addiction, and as Isaiah begins falling acomponent aget, he makes a drunken mistake that might cost him his last chance-- unmuch less there"s still someone out tright here willing to pull for him.

A longtime friend of Caroline writes to her and also asks for aid. Her frifinish is pregnant and resides at a gold prospector"s camp wbelow tbelow is an outbreak of influenza. Caroline finds out some dark tricks around her friend"s husband also, and when the woman"s distribution creates tragic results, Caroline have to decide just how best to cope with what continues to be.

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Tragedy strikes once James, who is traveling via Charles, Albert and also Mr. Edwards to Sleepy Eye--is shot throughout a brutal bank robbery. When James slips into a coma, Charles goes with Mr. Edwards and Albert to track down the criminals and lug them to justice.

As James lies in a coma at the Ingalls house, Charles boosts the distress of his family members by denying the child"s impfinishing fatality. Angry that nobody--not even Doc Baker--offers any hope for James" recovery, Charles takes his child ameans to the mountains, where he builds a temple and prays fiercely for a miracle.