____ is the ability of a method to act appropriately depending on the context.

a collection of instructions that you create to tell a computer what to do
Machine languagethe a lot of fundamental circuitry-level language
high-level programming languagepermits you to use a vocabulary of reasonable terms, e.g. "read", "write", and so on.
syntaxa languperiods set of rules
compilera computer system regime that converts high-level language statements right into machine code
logicrequires executing the various statements and actions in the correct order to develop the preferred results
semantic errorslogical errors that happen when you use a correct word in the wrong context
debuggingthe procedure of removing all syntax and logical errors from the program
procedural programproduced by writing a series of measures or operations to manipulate values
variablesnamed computer system memory locations that host worths that can vary
identifierthe name of a regimen component such as a variable, class, or method
camel casingstyle of creating identifiers in which the first letter is not capitalized, yet each new word is
Pascal casingstyle of creating identifiers in which the initially letter of all new words in a variable name, also the initially one , is capitalized
actions or methodscompartmentalized program systems that attain tasks
calls or invokessummons a procedures
object-oriented programminga programming approach that features objects, classes, encapsulation, interfaces, polymorphism, and inheritance
objectsprogram facets that are instances of a class
command also linethe line on which you type a command in a mechanism that provides a text interface
command prompta research for input that shows up at the beginning of the command also line
attributesrepresents an objects characteristics
statesthe values of an objects attributes
propertiesan objects values
state of an objectthe cumulative value of all of an objects characteristics at any allude in time
classa category of objects or a type of object
instancethe object of a class
encapsulationthe approach of packaging an object's qualities and also techniques into a cohesive unit that have the right to be provided as an undivided entity
black boxan equipment you use without regard for the internal mechanisms
interfacethe interactivity in between an approach and an object
polymorphismthe capacity to produce approaches that act accordingly depending on the context
inheritancethe capacity to extfinish a course so as to develop a more certain class that includes all the characteristics and also techniques of a more basic class; the extended course typically consists of new features or techniques as well
C#developed as an object-oriented and component-oriented language; exists as part of Visual Studio 2005, a package used for emerging applications for the Windows family of operating systems
primitive datasimple information, such as a number
literal stringa series of personalities that is supplied specifically as entered
dispute or parameterrepresents information that a technique requirements to percreate its task; one is the expression provided when you contact a method; the other is a things or recommendation that is claimed in an approach definition -- wbelow the approach instructions are written
WriteLine() methoddisplays a line of output on the display screen positions the cursor on the next line, and also waits for additional output
Write() methoddisplays a line of output on the display, yet the cursor does not development to a brand-new line; it stays on the very same line as the output
namespacea system that offers a method to team similar classes
System namespaceis built into your C# compiler, holds commonly supplied classes
approach headerconsists of the strategy name and also information about what will certainly pass right into and also be returned from a method
technique bodyis had within a pair of curly braces and also includes all the instructions executed by the method
whitespaceany type of combicountry of spaces, tabs, and also carriage returns (blank lines); offered to organize your routine code and also make it much easier to read
keywordsprecharacterized and also booked identifiers that have actually unique definition to the compiler
access modifierspecifies the scenarios under which a method or course have the right to be accessed; "public" is the a lot of liberal type of access
publican access modifier that shows various other classes may use the method
privatean accessibility modifier that suggests other classes might not use the method
staticindicates that an approach will be executed through a course and also not by an object
voidshows that the technique does not rerevolve any worth as soon as called
verbatim identifierhas a
regimen commentsnonexecuting statements that you include to document a program
comment outthe turning of a program statement right into a comment so that the compiler will not execute its command
line commentsbegin with 2 forward slashes (//) and proceed to the end of he cureent line; deserve to appear on a line by themselves, or at the finish of a line adhering to executable code
block commentsbegin via a forward slash and an asterisk(/*) and also end with an astethreat and also a forward slash (*/); have the right to appear on a line by themselves, on a line before executable code, or after executable code; can also extend across as many lines as needed
XML-documentation format commentsusage a distinct collection of tags within angle brackets to produce documentation from within a program
using clause or using directiveused via a namespace
aliasan alternative name for a class
source codethe statements you compose once you develop a program
intermediate language (IL)language right into which source code statements are compiled
simply in time (JIT)a compiler which converts intermediate code into executable statements
stringa documents type that deserve to host a collection of characters
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