Including the option to expand in your project analysis will tend to:

A. extfinish the duration of a job yet not affect the project"s net present worth.

You watching: Including the option to expand in your project analysis will tend to:

B. rise the cash flows of a project however decrease the project"s net current worth.

C. boost the net existing worth of a job.

D. decrease the net existing worth of a job.

E. have no impact on either a project"s cash flows or its net existing value

Net Present Value and also Expansion Project:

In expansion tasks, the firm works on raising the profits from the current company and present brand-new company or expand the organization. In order to make an growth decision, Net current worth is an indicator. If the NPV is positive,then the growth have to be made.Net existing value = Discounted cash inflows - Cash Outflows

Option C is correct.

Including the alternative to expand in your task evaluation will tfinish to boost the net current worth of a task.

For an development, a positive NPV is the base. So via the expansion, the NPV which is currently positive will certainly tend to rise as the firm generates even more profits.

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