In which situation is rita most likely to be influenced by peer pressure?

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2Education Development Center, Quality Improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran;


3Department of Educational Management, College of Education Science, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch, Islamic Azad College, Isfahan, Iran


4Student Research Committee, Shiraz College of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


2Education Development Center, Quality Improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Shiraz College of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran;

2Education Growth Center, Quality Improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran;
3Department of Educational Management, College of Education Science, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
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Several components influence the academic performance of college students and also parenting style is one significant factor. The current study has been done through the purpose of investigating the relationship in between parenting layouts, academic accomplishment and career route of students at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.    


This is a correlation research lugged out at Shiraz College of Medical Sciences. Among 1600 students, 310 students were selected randomly as the sample. Baumrind’s Parenting Layout and Moqimi’s Career Path questionnaires were supplied and also the acquired scores were correlated with the students" transcripts. To research the relation between variables Pearchild correlation coefficient was offered.


There was a far-reaching connection in between authoritarian parenting style and also educational success (p=0.03). Also findings showed a significant partnership between firm parenting style and Career Path of the students, authoritarian parenting style and Career Path of the students, educational success and also Career Path of the students (p=0.001).


Paleas have a crucial role in identifying children’s talent and also guiding them. Mutual knowledge and also close relationship in between parental fees and children are recommended. Therefore, it is recommfinished that the techniques of correct interaction of parental fees and kids be even more valued and also parents familiarize their children via duties of businesses in culture and also the require for employment in legitimate businesses and also this vital affair should be even more emphasized via mass media and also family training classes.

Keywords: Parenting, Achievement, Career, Students


Family is the basic and vital structure of the culture that has a critical duty in one"s life and in the society. The prominence of the household as a social structure is somepoint unmistakable. Although influenced by society and peers, kids are more affected by the family members. The affect of the family members on the kid and also its duties in the creative thinking, social, social, and also moral elements are very great and also necessary. Correct and balanced relationship between parental fees and their kids is one of the determinants influencing both their physical and also mental wellness. Research has actually displayed that interaction between kids and parental fees and also exactly how parental fees communicate via youngsters are considered to be the a lot of essential and also standard components among the miscellaneous determinants that influence children’s fostering and also healthy character (1).

The partnership of paleas via children or parenting style serves multiple purposes. Mdental and also mental training, identification, expansion and advance of children"s talents, skills, familiarizing through the rules and also norms of the society from the perspective of parents are among these purposes. "Parsons also consider two standard attributes for the household, i.e. socialization and also prosperity of the child"s personality." So it appears that parents’ parenting formats are most likely to influence children"s personality traits (2).

Parenting formats can be defined as a collection or a mechanism of actions that describes the parent and child interactions over a large range of situations and creates an efficient interactivity setting (3). Parenting style is a determining and reliable aspect that plays a crucial function in children’s psychopathology and also expansion (4). In the existing research, ponderable points in parenting formats, physical existence of paleas at home, i.e. the time to be through the kids and social spaces of the family members are thought about.

Educational accomplishment means the fulfillment of intended level of education and learning, and also an education organization approaches its prefigured out goals. Educational success means rise of finding out, rise of the level of good scores and also admission of students in the courses and educational qualities (5, 6).

Traditionally, career success is identified for those that obtain good salaries for their jobs or have actually high positions and positions through even more favorable obligations, incentive, sufficient distinction, and progression. The Employees and also managers are intended afavor to have actually a commitment to the company. It is assumed that if the employees have actually appropriate jobs which they are loyal to, the administration uses them the rewards such as promovement, fringe benefits, task security and also more respect and also even occupational authority.  Hence, the labor force of the organization will certainly feel dignity (7, 8).

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Offering even more job and also education information and also helping each student via self-picture throughout the education and learning deserve to provide him the logical principles to make a correct decision. Many type of civilization make decisions about their careers by observing the people approximately and also try to match themselves through it. This is somepoint contrary to what should be really done. The finest career path is a process that starts within (a kind of advancement of self-consciousness). Individuals need to be mindful of their skills, talents, abilities, capabilities and also distinct features because this self-consciousness is a cycle which leads the individual towards a satisfactory job. Choosing a profession proportionate to individual’s interests and abilities is one of the most crucial stperiods of life for all world (7).

In reality, every one of us, not just earn money from our liked career, yet also recognize our social condition. As such, we can expect that, by picking our profession, we recognize our social status and also self-respect in addition to the earnings level. As provided, human being entering the civilization of work-related and organizations are seeking development and also progress, therefore, they pick the route that has actually been designed by the manager’s discretion. The job of administration is to identify career progress route, develop compatibility between requirements, potential abilities of the people on the one hand and, on the various other hand also, experienced demands of the organization and recognize career progression course of each individual in the time of his career. Management of career path advance is one of the tasks of humale resources that lead each individual to appropriate perfection with finding his/her progress path in the working life. This fact leads to job satisfaction and experienced tenure and higher performance (7).

But, the question that pertains to mind is that whether the educational success relates to parents’ parenting styles. And secondly, what is the partnership of parenting styles via students" career path?

No quite equivalent studies on the topic of the current study have been done so much. Therefore, this examine seeks to examine the connection in between parents’ parenting layouts and also educational success and also career route of the students of Shiraz College of Medical Sciences in the academic year 2014. In this research, we intfinished to uncover out whether there is a relationship between parenting layouts and also students’ scholastic achievement and also career path? The results of the previous researcs indicate this relationship.

According to Sanaee (2008) career choice is one of the many crucial occasions in life that affects eincredibly aspect of humale existence. In the theories of career option, components affecting career option are studied and assist the individual to select an appropriate project which leads to individual satisfactivity and also increase of the performance. The results of the examine showed that tright here was a far-reaching relationship in between self-idea and also job satisfactivity, and career self-idea and project satisfactivity (9).

Mehrafza (2005) in a research examined the connection in between parenting formats and creative thinking and also academic accomplishment of the students of grade 3 of high school and also proved that tbelow was a significantly positive connection between the emotional atmosphere of the family, declining to the values of democracy, and creativity. Additionally, tright here was a substantially negative connection in between the creativity and dictatorship principles and tright here was no statistically significant partnership in between the emotional setting of the household, decreasing to absolute freedom, and creative thinking (10).

Abedi et al. (2005) in a examine examined the connection between motivations of educational accomplishment of high college students of Isfahan and also their family characteristics. The outcomes proved that from among family members components associated via educational success, incentive, parents’ expectations of children"s success (0.28), authoritarian parenting style (0.26) and also family structure (modern organic family) (0.16) explain educational accomplishment incentive (11).

Biabangard (2005) in a examine examined the connection of self-esteem and also inspiration via educational accomplishment among students of grade three of high institution in Tehran. The researcher uncovered that tright here was a far-ranging correlation in between self-esteem, success motivation, and also educational accomplishment, in between self-esteem and also accomplishment motivation, between self-esteem and educational achievement, and also in between success incentive and also educational achievement. Tbelow was no significant difference between self-esteem, success catalyst, and also educational success of both teams of male and also female students of the areas of the Humanities and also Experipsychological Sciences (12).

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Kefayat (1994) performed a study titled "Examicountry of the connection of parenting formats and perspectives with imagination and also its relationship through intelligence, educational success and also progressivist habits of students of the initially grade of high college in Ahvaz" and also concluded that tbelow was an adverse correlation in between the miscellaneous parenting styles and also creativity (13).