In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn

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I"ve come across this quote from Phil Collins" Son of Man:

In finding out you will certainly teach

And in teaching you will certainly learn

I"m not really sure what it"s meant to mean - I think it means even more than simply "you"re a student first and also end up being a teacher later".

Any ideas appreciated!



A.P. has actually the best method to the problem.And that is to initially think about "In teaching you will learn."

As it states in this write-up by John Sonmez, "You Never Really Discover Somepoint Until You Teach It"

He goes on to say:

Why teaching is such an reliable discovering tool When we learn something, most of us learn it in bits and pieces. Typically, if you review a book, you’ll find the product in that book organized in a judicious means. The very same goes for others mediums like video or online courses. But, unfortunately, the product doesn’t go right into your head in the very same way. What happens instead is that you absorb information in jumbled bits and pieces. You learn something, yet don’t completely “get it” till you learn somepoint else later. The previously topic becomes even more clear, yet the way that data is structured in your mind is not exceptionally well organized–regardmuch less of how organized the resource of that information was.

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Even currently, as I write this blog short article, I am struggling via taking the jumbled mess of information I have actually in my head about just how teaching helps you learn and also figuring out exactly how to present it in an arranged way. I recognize what I desire to say, however I don’t yet know how to say it. Only the procedure of putting my thoughts on paper will force me to reorganize them; to kind them out and make sense of them.

When you attempt to teach something to someone else, you have to go with this process in your own mind. You have to take that mess of data, kind it out, repackage it and organize it in a means that someone else can understand also. This procedure pressures you to reorganize the means that data is stored in your very own head.

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Also, as part of this process, you’ll inevitably find gaps in your own knowledge of whatever subject you are trying to teach. When we learn somepoint we have actually a tendency to gloss over many type of points we think we understand also. You might be able to settle a math trouble in a mechanical means, and also the procedures you use to deal with the math problem can be adequate for what you are trying to carry out, yet simply knowing just how to solve a trouble doesn’t expect you understand exactly how to fix a trouble. Knowledge is short-lived. It is easily shed. Understanding is much even more irreversible. It is rare that we forgain somepoint we understand also thoroughly.

So understanding that once someone teaches something they learn the subject at a deeper level, we have the right to currently understand also that by enabling someone to teach us we are helping that teacher learn that subject more totally. That is: