If i fall can you let me down easy lyrics

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Staley from Dallas, TxThis type of slow, soulful song really highlights Billy Currington"s sexy voice. Next ideal are mid-tempo, humorous songs (like "Good Directions"). Then even more pounding rock-ish songs. He"s sexy whatever before he"s singing, though, even if he does have Crazy Eyes.view more comments
Dance Hall DaysWang Chung

Wang Chung"s "80s timeless "Dance Hall Days" is around exactly how things deserve to begin straightforward however end up complex. First you "take your baby by the hand," but by the end she has actually an amethyst in her mouth.

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Rock LobsterThe B-52s

Sea creatures mentioned in "Rock Lobster" by The B-52"s encompass a jellyfish, piranha, bikini whale and narwhal.

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A Hard Day"s NightThe Beatles

"A Hard Day"s Night" was the title song to The Beatles" initially movie, which was surprisingly good: it was nominated for 2 Oscars.

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Burning Dvery own The HouseTalking Heads

"Burning Dvery own The House" by Talking Heads was influenced by chant band members heard at a P-Funk present wright here the crowd yelled, "burn dvery own the home... burn dvery own the residence."

PhotographEd Sheeran

Ed Sheeran thought he created the x track "Photograph" on 6th Street in Denver, so he gained a tatalso saying 6 ST. But once he returned it turned out the street was actually sixth Avenue.

Right Here, Right NowJesus Jones

The Jesus Jones song "Right Here, Right Now" was conceived as an optimistic version of Prince"s "Sign O" The Times."

Paul WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

He"s a singer and also an actor, but as a songwriter Paul helped make Kermit a cultured frog, turned a financial institution commercial into a huge hit and made love both "exciting and new" and also "soft as a basic chair."

Muhammad Ali: His Musical Legacy and also the Songs he InspiredTrack Writing

Before he was the champ, Ali released an album dubbed I Am The Greatest!, however his musical affect is best heard in the songs he influenced.

DevoSongwriter Interviews

Devo founders Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale take us right into their human being of subversive performance art. They might be best about the De-Evoloution point.

Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet SprocketSongwriter Interviews

The "All I Want" singer went through a long depression, playing some shows when he didn"t want to be alive.

Ian Astbury of The CultSongwriter Interviews

The Cult frontman tells who the "Fire Woman" is, and also talks about percreating via the new variation of The Doors.

Justin Hayward of The Moody BluesSongwriter Interviews

Justin composed the classic "Nights In White Satin," yet his fondest musical memories are from a different decade.