I just graduated ... now what? honest answers from those who have been there

The overview all college graduates require as they embark on life in the real world Graduation is a time of tough questions whose answers we don’t—and occasionally can’t—understand the day we receive our diploma. Determined to power via the uncertainty of post-graduation, bestoffering writer Katherine Schwarzenegger embarked on a yearlong pursuit to gather the finest guidance possible from even more than thirty highly successful human being functioning in areas prefer organization, media, fashion, technology, sports, and philanthropy. Along the way, Katherine uncovered the necessary and also regularly surpclimbing advice they have for graduates, including answers to questions like:• How do I uncover my initially task in a challenging economy?• How perform I decide between a career that pays well and also one that I’m passionate about?• How carry out I balance work via friends, relationships, and family?• Should I take a “gap year” before starting my initially job?• What need to I perform about my student loan debt? Drawing on the stories and real-life experiences of contributors such as Anderboy Cooper, Eva Longoria, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes, Lauren Bush Lauren, Andy Cohen, Meghan McCain, Gayle King, and more, Katherine has written the must-have guide for recent and soon-to-be graduates as they prepare to seek success and also fulfillment in their occupational, relationships, and also stays.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger
, twenty-4, is an author, activist, and entre­preneur. She is likewise the bestoffering author of Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been Tright here and Back. A current graduate of the University of Southern California, Katherine is a clear, sound voice for her generation. She really hopes this book will certainly offer the direction required to help young graduates navigate with the unwell-known with simply a small less stress and anxiety and a small even more certainty. Throughout her process, Katherine has actually learned that tright here is no right way to figure out the next steps in your life, simply your method. Kather­ine additionally hosts her very own way of life webwebsite, where she frequently articles conversations with up-and-comers of her generation.

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