How to transfer a gun from a deceased person in ca

(CA) My father passed away 3 years earlier, and his guns continued to be locked in a safe all this time. Now, I want to take possession of some of them. Am I forced to register these, and also will I be penalized for not doing so sooner?


My father owned a large variety of rifles, shotguns, and handfirearms, of differing calibres and capacities. For most of my life I "owned" a couple of of these also, but considering that they stayed in his possession 100% of the moment and 10-year-olds cannot own handguns, they were de facto "his" throughout my childhood, and also proably legally continued to be so as soon as I did not take possession of them once I came of age.

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Upon my father's death, namong the guns he owned were legally moved to anyone else, and also it is most likely that they were never before even registered in the first location (due to being family members heirlooms and/or weapons purchased prior to California compelled any type of registration). So as much as the The golden state DOJ is pertained to, the majority of or every one of these tools carry out not exist. I wish to take possession of several firearms, including 3 that were always "mine", but I don't want to run into any kind of legal trouble need to legislation enforcement become aware of the guns' presence - in one way or one more. I also don't want to subject myself or my mother to future legal trouble if among us attempts to register even more inherited weapons later on and the state becomes curious regarding why I didn't execute them in its entirety.

What, if anypoint, perform I must do in order to legally possess, move, usage, and store these guns? If I have to register them (a mix of handguns and also rifles), will I be penalized for not doing so upon my father's death?

Thanks in breakthrough.

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Edit: For clarity's sake, this is California, not Canada.

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Edit 2: Found the answer! From here:

How do I recognize if my firearms have to be registered? Tbelow is no firearm registration requirement in The golden state except for assault weapon owners and individual handgun importers. However before, you must submit a Firearm Ownership Report (FOR) Application (BOF 4542A), pdf to the California Department of Justice (the Department) for any kind of firearm you are seeking rerotate where no other record is on file via the Department identifying you as the the majority of current owner/possessor. Having a FOR application on file with the Department will authorize the rerotate of your firearm in the occasion it is ultimately lost or stolen. With very few and also specific exceptions, all firearm transactions should be carried out via a guns dealer. If you purchased a handgun from a properly licensed The golden state guns dealer and also underwent a background check through the state’s Dealer’s Record of Sale (DROS) process, a document of your handgun purchase is already on file through the Department. Thus, it have to not be necessary for you to submit a FOR application for handweapons previously purchased in The golden state. Unfortunately, this is not the instance with regards to rifles or shotguns. Prior to January 1, 2014, the Department was prohibited by legislation from retaining DROS lengthy gun indevelopment.