How to make all pictures in imovie the same length

Gretchen Siegchrist is a professional videographer who enjoys helping amateurs understand the basics of desktop computer video.

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To pick numerous photos at as soon as, Shift+click to pick sequential photos or Command+click to pick photos at random.

Drag the schosen photos to the timeline, which is the large work-related area at the bottom of the display. You deserve to include the photos to the timeline in any order and also rearselection them later.


When you drag a photo onto the timeline, place it between various other elements, not on top of an existing element. If you drag it directly on height of one more photo or various other facet, the new photo reareas the older element.

When you add photos to your iMovie job, they’re assigned a set duration (4-6 seconds). To adjust the size of time that a photo stays on display screen, double-click it on the timeline. Click and drag on either the left or ideal side of the photo to designate how many lengthy you desire the photo to remain ondisplay.

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Add Effects to iMovie Photos

Double-click a photo to open it in the preview window, which contains numerous sets of controls to use alters and effects to the photo. Choose the Clip Filter symbol from the row of icons over the ptestimonial photo. Click on the Clip Filter ​field to open a home window with impacts that include duotone, black and also white, X-ray, and others. You deserve to just use one result per photo, and also you deserve to only use that effect to one photo at a time.


Change the Look of Your iMovie Photos

Use the symbols above the photo in the ptestimonial home window to color correct the image, adjust the brightness and also contrast, adjust saturation. 

Adsimply Ken Burns Effect Movement

The Ken Burns impact is the default for each photo. When Ken Burns is selected in the Style area, you'll check out two boxes superapplied on the ptestimonial indicating wbelow the animation of the still photo starts and ends. You deserve to readjust that animation in the pevaluation window. You have the right to additionally select Crop or Crop to Fit in the Style section.

Fit a Photo to the iMovie Display

If you want the whole photo to present, choose the Fit alternative in the Style area. This reveals the complete photo via no cropping or motion for the entire time it’s on display. Depfinishing on the dimension and also shape of the original photo, you might finish up with black bars alengthy the sides or peak and also bottom of the screen.

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Crop Photos in iMovie

If you desire a photo to fill up the complete display in iMovie or if you desire to emphasis on a particular component of the photo, usage the Crop to Fit setting. With this establishing, you select the percent of the photo that you want to see in the movie. 

Rotate an Image

While a photo is open in the pevaluation home window, you can revolve it left or ideal using the rotation controls above the picture. You can additionally play the movie from inside this window to watch the results, cropping, and also rotation you have used to the photo.