How to make a sit upon with duct tape

Sherry Smotherton-Short is an energetic Cub Scout volunteer and den leader, and also produced Cub Scout Ideas to share her expertise through various other paleas.

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Do you know what a sit-upon is? It’s a basic, homemade, and also normally waterproof cushion Girl Scouts have been making to usage throughout camping trips or anytime they finish up sitting on the tough ground. The sit-upons come in handy throughout troop meetings, larger gatherings favor World Thinking Day, and on field trips or camping trips.

Sit-upons have a lengthy heritage in the Girl Scouts and are made by virtually eexceptionally troop at one allude or another. Tbelow are many kind of different ways to make these simple little cushions, however the standard building is the exact same. You require a square external cushion – ideally made from some sort of waterproof product – and something to stuff it with to make it comfortable.

Everything else is optional. Some troops will decorate their cushions. Some will certainly add handles. You deserve to make this particular team project as basic or as connected as you’d choose.

Before you get began you need to think about two things: how much time perform you need to spend on the job and also just how much money carry out you have for supplies? Those 2 determinants will identify just how you are going to make the sit-upons with your girls. Don’t issue, no matter how you make them, it will certainly be an inexpensive craft task.

The sit-upon can be damaged down right into three parts: the external shell, the pincluding and any type of decorations (including handles) you want to include. Below are the parts and alternatives.

Sit-Upon Outer Shell

The initially point you must decide on is the outer shell of your cushion. You can make it from cloth or felt, yet many generally, troops use waterproof products to make it. While this won’t make a distinction once you’re making use of your cushions on the floor of the school gym, it will come in handy when you’re external and the ground is a little damp. It likewise makes it basic to clean the sit-upons later. Just wipe them dvery own via a damp rag, and they are great to go for the following camping pilgrimage.

The simplest outer shell is a sturdy plastic bag. Think of the square bags via round manage holes you get at the shoe keep. If you have the right to find one of those for each girl (or order some online), all you need to perform is stuff it and also use some double-sided tape to cshed the opening. The finished cushion will certainly also have a manage built-in.

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Fabric is another option, however your finiburned cushion won’t be waterproof. This can cause a trouble on the damp ground, and it will be a lot harder to clean. The same goes for felt.

The ideal and also many regularly supplied material is a vinyl tablefabric. You deserve to find inexpensive tablecloths at the discount store. You should be able to acquire six to nine sit-upons out of each towel. Meacertain it and identify how big you desire to make the cushions. Cut out 2 squares per Girl Scout.

You can sew 3 sides of the cushion with a blunt needle and also yarn, or usage duct tape to tape them together. Leave one side open up so that you can stuff the sit-upon.

Sit-Upon Pincluding

Once you have actually three sides sewn up, it’s time to stuff the cushion. Shredded newspaper will job-related, and crumpled-up plastic bags. With the bags, you don’t have to worry around the stuffing gaining wet and also molding.

Carpet pincluding is an additional excellent alternative if you can find someone to donate a large item of pincluding to your troop. Old quilts or quilt batting can additionally be offered.

After you stuff the cushion, cshed up the fourth side utilizing the exact same technique as the various other three sides.

Sit-Upon Embellishments and Decorations

This last part is optional but it’s fun for the girls to decoprice their cushions. It will certainly additionally make it easier to tell them acomponent if you’re using the same outer product.

Use permanent markers, sticker labels or paint pens to decoprice the sit-upons. You deserve to also sew or glue on handles to make it less complicated to bring them about.

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Look with the list and mix and also match the components for the sit-upons your girls will certainly be making. Start via what you already have actually on hand also. Look for donations on anything else or buy what you require with troop funds.