How to link sheets so one reflects changes to the other

I have actually two sheets on a Google Spreadsheet. One of which is the copy of the other. Now what I want is, when I edit one sheet, the very same modify need to reflect on the various other. How can I execute that ?



You have the right to use the following formula"s in sheet2 (include them in A1 of course).

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The last formula is the most right forward, because nopoint deserve to be done in its current state. The various other two enable you to carry out some tweaking, of which the initially formula is the ideal equipped.


I"ve produced an instance file for you: selection reference


Do you desire to carry out this to eextremely single cell in the 2nd sheet, or simply for some of them?

If it"s just for some of them, then put a formula in eexceptionally single cell, saying to set it equal to the very same cell in Sheet1,

eg in cell B3 in Sheet2, usage the formula = "Sheet1"!B3

(assuming that your sheets are dubbed Sheet1 and sheet2).

You have the right to put the very same relative formula into each cell by simply copying and pasting: by default, spreadsheet forumulas are loved one, so they are smart enough to readjust the row and column recommendations relying on wright here you paste them.

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This indicates that if you copy that formula from Sheet2, cell B2, and past it right into Sheet2, cell D4, then it will certainly appear as ="Sheet1"!D4 without you having to carry out anypoint.

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