How to know if your professor is attracted to you


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Is my professor attracted to me? (married, males, young, family)
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I"ve began aviation at university, hoping to pursue a career in the airlines as a expert commercial pilot. So I"ve taken calculus engineering classes to boost my employability rate as 98% of the human being in aviation did not carry out Calculus. The difficulty is that I"ve grvery own fond of my professor, attrenergetic and exceptionally intelligent via a pH.d at 32 years of age. The university policy sassist nothing in the direction of the prof-student partnership, however the just thing that gets in the method is that HE"S MARRIED! However, is he attracted to me through these signs?1. He speaks to me softly, quietly and constantly runs his hands through his hair and rubs his challenge. Anvarious other point to cite is that he provides the majority of mistakes when he"s one on one teaching through me, however through the others that queue in front of me asking difficulty sets, this is NEVER the case. He"s normally loud. Confident. The typical alpha male.2. When I"ve presented him the printers did not procedure mathematical signs appropriately and asked why, he told me I can come after class and reprint every one of them-70 pages- in his accost; for free!!!3. When I sat in the front one day, at break, he went right as much as me and also complimented on how cute my bag and pencilsituation was, stating that veganism was the means to go also if he wasn"t one. He never before does this to others, as he is much less open up and also stern.4. My frifinish and also I submitted the same assignment via specific very same answers. She acquired 60 percent and also I got 90?5. My professor does not toleprice anyone speaking in class. He frequently yells at them, telling them if they can be quiet, also if they were pointing out around maths in the back. However, that day when I sat in the FRONT row and also talked about crap and also entirely unregarded maths. And I also talked over him, yet he did not yell at me. At all.6. When I ask him concerns in class, he constantly told me to come after course opposed to once he constantly answers students, whether male or female, in course.7. I have actually a frifinish that is 29 and also has a lot of suffer with guys. One day once I came via class, he was staring at me. When I sat down and created dvery own lecture notes, my friend noticed he looked in my direction the totality time in the time of the lecture, taking secretive glances and then I realised why he made so many type of mistakes and also stuttering throughout the lecture. My friend shelp she never looked in the direction I sat prior to I came in.8. It"s so straightforward to acquire him off-topic during office hours, despite he has actually various other students in queue and he has a lot of things to note and also gain done. When I talk to him around his household life, wbelow he checked out high institution and also age via birth date, he told them all happily. When I talk around points unrelated to institution, he constantly laugh at my jokes also if they were not funny. I think he even went as much as subtle flirting. When I told him I had actually three phones and also my mommy was treating me prefer a baby, he laughed and sassist just how can I have three phones, it was bizarre. Also, I thought it was a labor day tomorrow when it was supposed to be a remembrance day for soldiers and also he laughed, saying just how might I also be a pilot cadet if I didn"t knew. The final thing that I assumed was flirting was when I told him that he told me the inverse cosine features formula would not be in the formula sheet, he laughed and also told me that he /lied/ then instead of saying I misheard.9. He never shoves me out his office or gave me any impressions of it after all my questions are answered. He sits tright here and gets off track.10. When I stood him up as soon as I was meant to ask a question after course, I discovered he was at the college cafe. He did not seem angry at all and also smiled as soon as he observed me, mirroring the lunch he bought and also shelp he didn"t understand wbelow I was so. He laughed a lot as we walked to his office, talking about just how stupid he had actually been.So what perform you think?Would it be basic to seduce him?