How late does a professor have to be to leave class

The 15 minute preeminence is not a actual plan at FAU — yet many type of world around the university think it must be.

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According to Dean of Students Larry Faerguy, the 15 minute dominance does not exist at FAU. Photograph courtesy of Max Pixel

The “15 minute preeminence,” which states that students are allowed to leave the classroom if a teacher does not show up for 15 minutes through no penalty, is a long-standing myth around universities. The University Press even composed an short article on it in 2009, and also it continues to be the many regarded story on our website to this particular day, through over 125,000 views in the last year alone.

The story uncovered that the 15 minute preeminence did not show up everywhere in FAU’s policies. So nearly a decade later on, has actually anything changed?


Dean of Students Larry Faermale told the UP that tbelow is “no shelp rule loved one to .” However, that does not waive the opinions of students and professors aprefer — many type of feel the 15 minute dominance have to be legitimate, and also that a professor’s tardiness need to not be acceptable.

Lucien Griffin, a psychology major, sees college attendance as peaceful, a mood that the 15 minute dominance adheres to.

“I’m a freshmale so … a teacher’s never before not presented approximately course. It’s happened to my friends. As far as I’m mindful from many classes I have attendance isn’t even really mandatory so I don’t recognize why you require legal permission . It’s college — we don’t need permission to perform anything, you know?” he shelp.

Meika-Fae Farquharchild, a multimedia research studies significant, thinks the 15 minute rule must be enacted.

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“I think it must be a dominion, specifically in college, once there are so many kind of useful points you have the right to be doing in that time quite than waiting for someone that didn’t make it clear they would be late or not coming at all,” Farquharchild shelp.

Ana Ramos, a business administration significant, would certainly agree. She feels that a professor’s tardiness wastes the students’ time.

“As students we have a variety of things to be doing and not the majority of time to waste, so for a teacher to disrespect the moment allotted for them by being significantly late, I think that should allow for students to much better utilize their time in the direction of the various other plenty of points we have to carry out,” she sassist.

And as it transforms out, FAU professors tfinish to think the same means.

Gail Choate, an adjunct professor through the Department of Political Science, had actually this to say on the topic of lateness: “I’ve never before been late… is just one of the points I think is really crucial. If I see students make an initiative to then I have to be tright here also.”

Carla Thomas, an assistant English professor via the College of Arts and Letters, additionally believes the 15 minute dominion is a valid enactment.

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“I think it should be a ascendancy bereason we instructors and professors intend our students to be on time and also if we cannot be on time then there’s no reason for students to wait for us, particularly if it’s a Monday/Wednesday/Friday 50-minute course … If your instructor’s 15 minutes late, that’s not okay.”

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